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Dominican Monastery (Dominiiklaste klooster) (Tallinn)

Tallinn Dominican Monastery

Dominican Monastery is one of the oldest medieval structures in the city. It was originally found in 1246 by monks of the Dominican order. Reformation movement however didn't miss Tallinn. Crowds of people stormed the sacred Roman Catholic complex. They burned down church of a Saint Catherine along with most of the buildings. The reconstruction of the abbey began in 1954 and today it contains a museum with a rich collection of Christian art.




Vene 16/ 18

Tel. 515 5489

Bus: 5, 40       Trolley: 1, 2, 3, 4

Open: May- Sept 10am- 6pm daily

Dominican Monastery Museum

Open: mid- May- mid- Sept 10am- 6pm daily





Tallinn Dominican Monastery Tallinn Dominican Monastery










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