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House of Blackheads (Mustpeade maja) (Tallinn)

House of Blackheads (Mustpeade maja) (Tallinn)

House of the Blackheads is a public building in the historical part of Old Tallinn. Originally it belonged to the Brotherhood of Blackheads that bought current building from Rathmann Fianta in 1517.



Pikk 26

Tel. 631 3199

Bus: 5, 40

Trolley: 1, 2, 3, 4





History of Blackheads

Brotherhood of Blackheads was an association of local unmarried merchants, ship owner and foreigners that lived and worked in Tallinn. It was found in the middle of the 14th century and lasted until 1940, when Estonia was annexed by Soviet Union under leadership of Joseph Stalin. In 1597 the building was renovated under leadership of the Tallinn master Arent Passer. Facade of the house acquired traits of Dutch Renaissance. Later in 1908 it was remodeled again giving it a neo- Classical architectural style. The House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads was visited by several Russian Emperors including Peter I, Paul I and Alexander I. They also became honorable members of the Brotherhood.


Brotherhood of the Blackheads was abolished in 1940 as Estonia lost its independence. During World War II the buildings was badly damaged by bombing raids, but it was reconstructed after a war. During Soviet period House of Blackheads was used to house House of Culture of J. Tompa. At the moment the House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads is located in the municipal property.