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Kiek in de Kok

Kiek in de Kok Tallinn

Kiek in de Kok is a large defensive tower, built in Tallinn in the 70-es and 80- es of the 15th century. In Lower Saxon language Kiek in de Kok means "look in the kitchen". Guards that were stationed in the tower could watch wives in their kitchens. Today Kiek in de Kok houses a branch of the Museum of the City of Tallinn. Most of exhibits are devoted to the medieval history. This includes weapons, cannons, armor and other artifacts. Additionally Kiek in de Kok tower is a site where you can begin an organized tours of the underground bastions of Tallinn.



Komandandi tee 2

Tel. +(372) 644 66 86




Kiek in de Kok Tower