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Saint Olav's Church (Oleviste kirik) (Tallinn)

Tallinn Saint Olav's Church

Original Saint Olav's Church was constructed in the 12th century and dedicated to Saint Olaf (995-1030). It was extensively reconstructed in the 14th century and again in the 15th century. Antenna spire that is clearly visible from many corners of the city originally reached a height of 159 meters when it was constructed in 1590. However it was hit by a lighting several times resulting in decreased height of current 124 m (406 ft). During Soviet rule between 1944 and 1991 the Soviet KGB used the spire as a radio tower and surveillance point.



Lai 50

Tel. 641 2241

Bus: 3

Trolley: 1, 2

Open: Apr- Oct: 10am- 6pm daily