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Town Hall (Tallinna raekoda) (Tallinn)

Town Hall (Tallinna raekoda) (Tallinn)

Gothic Town Hall is a medieval structure that dates back to 1322 when it was built of limestone. Original structure was one one storey high.



Raekoja plats 1

Tel. 645 7900

Bus: 5, 40    Trolley: 1, 2, 3, 4

Open: July- Aug: 10am- 4pm Mon- Sat




History of Tallinn Town Hall

Town Hall was renovated in the fifteenth century (1404), when Reval (Tallinn old name) experienced its heyday. About this time second floor was added to host important ceremonies along with the tower. Town Hall tower is open to the public. It takes 115 steps to walk up to the observation floor that opens a great view of the Town Hall Square and large part of Old City of Tallinn. Later Tallinn Town Hall got a vane, which got a nickname of "Old Thomas". And in the 17th century the building was decorated with drainages made in the form of dragon heads. In 2004 one of the main attractions of Tallinn celebrated its 600th birthday.