Description of Nimes

Nîmes is a commune in the south-east of France, prefecture of the Gard department in Occitan region. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes mountains , the city is on the busy axis connecting the lower Rhone valley to the Languedoc plain . With a population of 151,001 inhabitants 1st January 2016, the city of Nîmes knows during the summer period a notable influx of tourists come to visit its monuments and participate in its ferias and festivals.

The foundation of Nîmes dates back to antiquity. From the Roman period , Nîmes preserves monuments such as arenas , the Maison Carrée or the Magne tower at the foot of which is the site of the sanctuary of the fountain . This rich ancient past earned him the nickname "French Rome". City both Roman, Camargue , Cévennes, Languedoc, Provence and Hispanic stronghold protesting since the xvi th century and center fabric production from the xviii th century, including the famous denim canvas, Nîmes has a rich culture and history and remains a city with a strong identity.

The enhancement of its historical, cultural and architectural heritage has enabled the city to obtain the label of City of Art and History . Since 2012 , date of registration on the French indicative list , Nimes working its bid on "Nimes, Antiquity to the Present" for the registration of the two thousand year old city at the World Heritage of UNESCO.


Travel Destinations in Nimes

Cathedrale Notre- Dame et St.- Castor (Nimes)

Les Arenes (Nimes)

Maison Carree (Nimes)

The Roman temple from the first century AD was built by Marcus Agrippa, son- in- law of Octavian Augustus.

Gate of the Augustus stands at Domitian Way that led to the center of the city.

Pont du Gard

Castellum (Nimes)

End point of the aqueduct. It was used to store water during Roman times.

Musee Archeologique (Nimes)

13 bis Boulevard Amiral Courbet

Tel. 04- 66 76 74 80

Open: Tue- Sun

Closed: Jan 1, May 1, Nov 11, Dec 25

Carre d'Art (Nimes)

The Jardins de la Fontaine (Nimes)

Open: 9:30am- 6:30pm

Entrance Fee: €2.80, children €2.40