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Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris (until 1994 Euro Disney Resort or Euro Disney Resort Paris, from 2002 to 2009 Disneyland Resort Paris) is a 2,230 hectare leisure complex in the commune of Chessy, part of the Ville nouvelle Marne-la-Vallée, 32 km east of Paris, France.

The resort opened on April 12, 1992 after four years of construction and has since been visited by over 320 million people from all over the world. Today it includes the two theme parks Disneyland Park (1992) and Walt Disney Studios Park (2002), the entertainment area Disney Village, the golf course Golf Disneyland, several hotels as well as residential and business districts. With an estimated 9.9 (Disneyland) and 4.3 (Walt Disney Studios) million visitors, both parks were among the five most visited amusement parks in Europe in 2014, with Disneyland Park being the most visited park on the continent.

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts division of the Walt Disney Company has a 76.71% stake in the capital of Disneyland Resort Paris, whose development and expansion is the responsibility of Euro Disney SCA. This in turn owns Euro Disney SA and 82% of Euro Disney Associés SNC. The latter manage and manage the domain.


Theme parks
Disneyland Park
Disneyland Park (until 1994 EuroDisney, then until 2002 Disneyland Paris) with an area of ​​51 hectares is the oldest part and the centerpiece of the resort. Based on the model of the Magic Kingdom from the American Disneyland resorts, it is divided into five themed areas, which are grouped around the Sleeping Beauty Castle, which is the park's landmark. The different areas, viewed clockwise from the park entrance, are:

Main Street USA
Main Street USA begins after the entrance to the park. Mainly restaurants and shops are located here. Similar to the other Disney parks, it leads to the so-called “hub” in front of the castle, from which visitors have access to all the different themed areas of the park. The architectural style of the buildings transports visitors to a small town in the USA at the turn of the century. The architecture is based on Marceline in the state of Missouri, the city where Walt Disney grew up. There is also the opportunity to have your hair styled or shaved in the style of the turn of the twentieth century. Main Street Vehicles (old-timers that transport guests) drive here. The Discovery Arcade and Liberty Arcade (strolling and discovery miles) run parallel behind the façades of the buildings. In addition, the official Disney parades take place on the main street. The Disneyland Railroad – Main Street Station, the "main station" of the Disneyland Railroad, is also located here. With the train it is possible to bypass the park and get an overview.

This area is based on a typical Wild West setting. Frontierland is home to the Darkride Phantom Manor, which is themed as a ghost train. The Big Thunder Mountain family rollercoaster is also located here, where trains pass through an underground tunnel under the lake around Big Thunder Mountain and ride up the mountain against the backdrop of an old mine. There are also other attractions in Frontierland such as the Rustler Roundup Shootin 'Gallery, the Pocahontas Indian Village playground and the Chaparral Theater. There is also a Disneyland Railroad stop in the back of the themed area.

In Adventureland, visitors embark on the paths of well-known adventurers such as Indiana Jones or can explore the fairytale town of Agrabah. There is also a pirate-style adventure playground based on the Pirates of the Caribbean for children.

Attractions in this area include the "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril" (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril), the "Adventure Isle", the tree house of the "Swiss Family Robinson" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" . The latter attraction formed the basis for the Pirates of the Caribbean film series of the same name.

The Fantasyland themed area is particularly geared towards younger visitors. The attractions are designed around well-known fairy tales adapted from Disney. The "Sleeping Beauty Castle", the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the center of the park with some shopping opportunities, is particularly well known. There is also “La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant”, a walk-in gallery with glass windows and tapestries from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. The accessible dragon cave "La Tanière du Dragon" is located under the castle.

Other attractions include “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, which tells the story of Snow White and contains elements of a ghost train. "Peter Pan’s Flight" - Peter Pan’s Flight is a gondola that takes you over the rooftops of London to Neverland. This is also where the "Alice’s Curious Labyrinth" is located, which ends in the Queen of Hearts Castle. “Pinocchio's Journey” tells the story of Pinocchio and during the boat trip in “Le Pays des Contes de Fées” (The Fairy Tale Land), fairy tales like Snow White, Peter and the Wolf or Aladdin are shown. "Casey Jr." is a nice, "slow" family rollercoaster that is located behind the maze.

"It's a small world" is a boat trip with singing children from different nations. This is an attraction that was originally designed for a world exhibition and represents every country or region in the world: Europe, rainforest, Africa, Alaska etc. The park steam locomotives make a stop on their tour of the park at the "Fantasyland Station Disney Railroad" a. There is also “Le Théâtre du Château” (theater for productions and shows) in Fantasyland.


In Discoveryland ("Land of Discoveries") the visitor experiences, among other things, the fictional future of Jules Verne. When it opened in 1992, this subject area was deliberately built into a future of classic visionaries from the perspective of the 19th century - away from classic Star Wars and science fiction motifs.

The focus of the themed area is the Space Mountain indoor roller coaster, which opened in 1995: De la Terre à la Lune. In April 2005 the roller coaster opened after a renovation phase as Space Mountain: Mission 2 and left the classic Jules Verne theme with the new appearance inside the attraction.

From 2004 to 2009 the show The Legend of the Lion King ("The Legend of the Lion King") ran in the Videopolis across from Space Mountain. The show is structured like a musical with a duration of around 30 minutes. Since 2010 the show program at the Videopolis has consisted of an African drum show.

Other attractions in Discoveryland are the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (an interactive dark ride), which replaces the 360 ​​° Visionarium cinema. Star Tours (flight simulator), Orbitron (carousel with rockets) and Autopia (a kind of go-kart track with petrol vehicles) expand the program. Further offers are the 3D film Captain EO, which has been included in the program again after a long break as a replacement for the 4D film Honey, I shrunk the audience! (“Darling, I've shrunk the audience!”) And screenings of classic Mickey Mouse cartoons at the Videopolis.

Walt Disney Studios Park
Furthermore, there has been the "Walt Disney Studios" since 2002, which is directly adjacent to the original park and the Disney Village. In this park, visitors should be able to look behind the scenes of films. The park is divided into three (formerly four) themed areas: Front Lot, Production Courtyard and Toon Studio.

Front Lot
In the front lot is the entrance area of ​​the park together with the entrance hall (Studio 1), which is designed after Hollywood Boulevard.

Production courtyard
Since December 22, 2007, visitors can experience the “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” free fall tower. In March 2008, “Stitch Live” (“Stitch Encounter” at Disneyland in Hong Kong) was opened in the Disney Channel building complex.

There is also the stunt show "Moteurs ... Action!" In this area, in which stunt effects are shown with vehicles, explosions and all kinds of "action". This show is the last part of the former backlot and will close soon in preparation for the Avengers Campus.

Toon Studio (formerly Animation Courtyard)
The last attraction from the opening year in this area are the Flying Carpets Over Agrabah. In June 2007, the Spinning Coaster Crush’s Coaster, based on the film “Finding Nemo”, opened, as did a teacup-like attraction for the film “Cars”.

In the summer of 2010, a new themed land “Toy Story Playland” moved into the Toon Studio. This new themed area has three new attractions - a parachute ride ("Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop") with the theme of the little plastic soldiers, a halfpipe coaster ("RC Racer") with the theme of RC Racer and a music express with the Theme by Slinky Dog ("Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin").

In 2014 the park was expanded to include a dark ride based on the film Ratatouille, including an attached restaurant and shop. Since 2016, the show Mickey and the Magician has also been in this area. The latest show in this subject area is "Frozen: A Musical Invitation" in the former building of "Art Of Disney Animation".

Planned expansions
The new attraction “Car Route 66 Route Trip” will open in 2020 in the Toon Studio area of ​​the park.

By 2025, the park is to be expanded to include three more themed areas around Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars.

The first of these subject areas will open in 2021 with Avengers Campus. The Avengers Campus will be located in the former area of ​​the backlot and will open with two new attractions: an interactive Spider Man Dark Ride and an Iron Man roller coaster, which is a redesign of the "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster". Later, the area will also be supplemented by an Avengers Dark Ride.

The second new themed area "Frozen: Kingdom of Arendelle" is expected to open in 2023. In addition to a restaurant and a souvenir shop, the main attraction of this area will be a longer version of the “Frozen Ever After” dark ride from Epcot in Disneyworld.

The third and final step of this expansion will be a smaller version of the Star Wars Galaxys Edge themed area, which opened in Disneyland and Disneyworld in 2019. In contrast to the American parks, only the dark ride “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” is being built in Paris and not the flight simulator “Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run”. The area is scheduled to open in 2025.


Former attractions
Most of the former attractions were located in the backlot area of ​​the park, which is currently being converted into the Avengers Campus. This includes, for example, the "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster", which has been closed since 2019. Here the passengers were accelerated from 0 to 92 km / h in less than three seconds, and a rock soundtrack composed by the band Aerosmith could be heard during the journey. The effects simulator Armageddon - Les Effets Speciaux, which was closed in 2019, was also in the backlot topic.

In the show "CinéMagique", which was located in the Toon Studio, there were many small film clips combined with a love story. Until 2019, this area also housed the “Art Of Disney Animation” attraction.

Another show in Walt Disney Studios Park was the black light show Animagique, which has been closed since 2016, was in the Courtyard production and in which well-known Disney melodies were shown wrapped in a story. The so-called “Studio Tram Tour”, a behind-the-scenes tour with special effects presentation, was also in this area until January 2020.

Disney Village amusement center
Opened for inauguration in 1992 under the name Festival Disney, the Disney Village is located in the center of the resort between the hotels and the two parks. The original design was planned and built by the architect Frank Gehry. As a result of renovations and changes in use over the years, almost nothing has been preserved from the original concept.

The Disney Village with an area of ​​approximately 15 hectares and numerous attractions such as shops, restaurants, a nightclub, a cinema complex and shops such as B. a Disney store, is presented as a complete "city" that is still open after the park closes. Adjacent there is also a bowling and video game center, as well as a separate parking garage for visitors, so that “non-park visitors” from the surrounding area can also be attracted as visitors. Essentially all of the merchandise items that can be purchased in the park can be found in the three existing Disney stores.

The Disney Village is also home to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Dinner Show, a western-style performance with horses, acrobatics and stunts, where the visitor is served dinner and one of four teams cheers on a competitor.

There is also an IMAX 3D cinema in Disney Village. Numerous discos and several restaurants such as the Rainforest Cafe, the Billy-Bobs, in which there is regular live music, or the Annette's restaurant, in which the food is brought to visitors with rock'n'roll music by waiters who ride on roller skates will have settled here. A McDonald’s fast-food restaurant can be found there as well as a branch of the Starbucks coffee house chain.

Golf Disneyland
A few minutes' drive from the Disney Parks, the 27-hole golf course in Disneyland Resort Paris is located between waterfalls, rocks, streams and trees. The course is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Right next door is the four-star Radisson Blu Hotel at Disneyland Paris.

Disney operated hotels
Disneyland Hotel (5 stars)
Disney’s Hotel New York (4 stars)
Disney’s Newport Bay Club (4 Star)
Village Nature Paris (4 stars)
Disney’s Sequoia Lodge (3 star)
Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne (3 Star)
Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe (2 stars)
Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch

Partner hotels
Vienna International Dream Castle Hotel
Vienna International Magic Circus Hotel
Algonquin's Explorer Hotel
Hotel Kyriad
Hôtel L’Élysée Val d’Europe
Radisson Blu Hotel
Adagio City Apart Hotels
B&B Hotel

Transport infrastructure - transport links
With the Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy train station, the resort has a direct connection to the Paris “S-Bahn” RER, to the TGV high-speed rail network and to the Eurostar train to London. It can be reached in about half an hour from the center of Paris (Charles-de-Gaulle - Étoile, Auber, Châtelet - Les Halles, Gare de Lyon or Nation stations) on the RER line A.

VEA buses (Val d'Europe Airport) run to the two Paris airports (ORLY and CDG). From Paris-CDG airport, the most convenient connection is the TGV high-speed train, which takes just 10 minutes.

The site is connected to the French A4 motorway with two separate exits (13 and 14).

Shuttle buses run every 10 to 20 minutes between the RER train station, the theme parks and the Disney hotels and so-called affiliated hotels (see above). If you live at the “Davy Crockett Ranch”, a car is required as there is no bus connection.

Urbanization programs

Val d'Europe business district
Val d'Europe shopping center
Office buildings of the Parc International d'Entreprises Arlington Val d'Europe
La Vallée Outlet Shopping Village, Quartier du Parc, Val d’Europe
Vacation and residential areas
Quartier du Parc
Quartier du Golf
Val de France district

Waiting times
Due to the increasing number of visitors and the size of the park, it is hardly possible to see or complete all the attractions in one day, as waiting times of 60 to 90 minutes and more for a trip are not unusual. During the low season (e.g. in winter), however, waiting times of a few minutes are also possible (especially on working days).

A system called Fastpass has been introduced at the most popular attractions. These limited special tickets contain a time window within which visitors can enter the attraction via an extra queue. This can significantly reduce waiting times. Similar systems exist in many comparable parks.

Economic aspects
Visitor numbers
The number of visitors remained almost constant in the early years at around 10 million visitors per year. At the end of the 1990s they rose to around 11 million; in 2001, 12.3 million people visited the park. In 2002 the number of visitors fell to 9.2 million, in the following years they recovered and in 2006 were 12.8 million. In fiscal 2007 the numbers improved again and rose to 14.5 million. A new visitor record was achieved in the 2008 financial year with 15.3 million visitors. In 2008, the 200 millionth visitor since the opening was also welcomed. In the 2009 financial year, the number of visitors fell to 12.74 million.

In 2011/12 around 16 million visitors were counted, in the following financial year 2012/13 the number fell again to just under 15 million. With these figures, Disneyland Paris claims to be the most visited tourist attraction in Europe.

On average, about 36% of visitors come to Walt Disney Studios Park, 53% to Disneyland Park and 11% to Disney Village.

Business results
In 2013, there were still around 1.7 billion euros in debt from the initial investments in the books of the accounts. For the majority of years Euro-Disney made losses; between 2008 and 2013 every year. From this period alone, the losses add up to 78 million euros in debt. The park responded with an austerity program that was tightened several times and which was felt by employees as considerable pressure. Visitors were also affected by the austerity measures and responded to the closure of rides, the cancellation of shows and savings in the catering trade with protests.

In 2012, the parent company had to take over the old debts, extend the repayment periods and reduce interest rates. The license payments to the parent company of 70 million euros per year are a key factor in the red numbers. A two-year modernization process ended in 2017, as part of which numerous attractions were renewed and partially reopened and hotels renovated.

The rides and attractions are showing their age. However, there is a lack of funds for systematic renewal, but the savings from the support of the parent company are intended to improve the situation. In 2014 the park was expanded to include a dark ride based on the film Ratatouille, including an attached restaurant and shop. In February 2018, Disney announced that it would invest around 2 billion euros in expanding the park over the next few years.