National Archeological Museum (Athens)

National Archeological Museum National Archeological Museum


Location: 44 Patisslon, Exacheia, Athens

Tel. 210 821 7724

Subway: Omonoia

Open: 8am- 8pm Tue- Sun

1:30- 8pm Mon


Description of National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum or simply National Museum was opened in 1891. Ancient artifacts from various digs were brought here.  Over time National Archaeological Museum expanded and new wings were added to the existing structure. During World War II many of the artifacts from collection were buried and hidden away for preservation. After the end of the hostilities the museum reopened in 1946.


The ground floor of the National Museum covers Mycenaean, Neolithic, Cycladic, Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and finally Roman finds. One of the most notable artifacts housed here is a Mask of Agamemnon that was discovered in the ancient city of Mycenae by Henrich Schliemann. German self taught archaeologists he set up on a quest to prove that Iliad described historic events. He discovered Troy in modern Turkey and a tomb of a legendary Greek king Agamemnon who fought against Trojans. According to legends king returned back to his home town, where he was killed by his own cheating wife. Now we know that the mask is actually older than the time described in the Iliad. The mask dates back to the mid- 1600s BC instead of 1200s BC.