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House of the Lararium

Дом Ларариум (Помпеи)







Дом прачечная стефана (Помпеи)  Дом Ларариум (Помпеи)

House of the Lararium, located on Via delle Abbondanza, also known as House of Lararium Achilles or the House of the Ileion Sanctuary. The house was first excavated between 1912 and 1913 and received its name from a small room in the southwestern corner of the atrium, known as the "Lararium". “Larariy” is a small room (s) to the right of the tabulin. The room was actually a small space in the southwest corner of the atrium, consisting mainly of a vaulted recess. The room and the upper parts of the wall are covered with plaster and painted in the fourth style, the frescoes depict scenes from the Iliad and show figures painted on a blue background, which contain the final episodes of the Trojan War (see photo below).




Дом Ларариум (Помпеи)  Дом Ларариум (Помпеи)

The overall plan of the house has a standard Roman design. Along the axis of the house is starting from the hallway, atrium, tablining (the owner's office) and finally the garden in the back. In antiquity, House of the Lararium and the House of Cryptoporticus were part of a single mansion that belonged to the family of Valery Ruth. However, after an earthquake of 62 years, the owner’s affairs went into decline, and he sold his house to two owners, who divided the house.

The atrium of the House of the Lararium, apparently, was decorated very simply, with a white middle zone above the high red frieze. Parts of this decoration were covered with a layer of coarse gray plaster. In the atrium there were many cabinets located around the walls, in the remains of which were glass and ceramic flasks, cups and bowls.

The cubiculum (d) in the northwest corner of the atrium is decorated in the fourth style, with the exception of the east wall, which is simply covered with a layer of coarse plaster. The decoration on the remaining three walls consists of yellow panels with decorative borders above the bottom not decorated frieze. The upper zone is covered with images of colored garlands and swans on a white background.

In the northeast corner of the atrium there is a flight of stairs (e) that leads to the upper floor. Next to these stairs is a large triclinium (f). The room is decorated in the fourth style with red panels, separated by architectural motifs on a white background, above the lower not decorated frieze.

Дом Ларариум (Помпеи)  Дом Ларариум (Помпеи)

Directly south of the staircase is the cubiculum (g). The room is decorated in the fourth style with yellow panels with ornamental borders above the bottom decorated with a red frieze. In the center there are figures of heroes, philosophers and others.

Дом Ларариум (Помпеи)