House of the Vettii

House of the Vettii


House of the Vettii  House of the Vettii

Location: Regio VI

Insula 15

Area: 1167 square meters

Rooms: 18


House of the Vettii gets its name from the name written on two bronze seals that were discovered by archaeologists in the atrium during its excavation in 1894- 95. These seals belonged to freedmen brothers Aulus Vettius Conviva and Aulus Vettius Restitutus. It was fairly common practice for Roman residents to become slaves, just like it was common for these slaves to buy back their freedom. These two brothers apparently were gifted and smart enough to buy their way out of bondage.House of the Vettii

 House of the Vettii was seriously damaged during an earthquake of 62 years, but was soon rebuilt. The walls were covered with frescoes in the fourth style. The hallway is decorated with a fresco of Priapus, and it leads to a traditional atrium. The two wings of the atrium are decorated with medallions with the head of Medusa and Silenus on the right wall. And on the left wall is a fresco of fighting roosters.

House of the Vettii was built from several private houses, which were combined into a single whole. So the house of the Vettievs has a second atrium in its northern part. Here is the Lararium (home shrine). Peristal garden perfectly preserved. Archaeologists have found the remains of the roots of trees and bushes and they restored the general view of the garden as it looked in 79 year AD. Therefore, the plants in the garden are planted in the same way that plants once grew here. From peristal it was possible to get into triclinium, that is, the office of the owner. The walls were covered with bright frescoes, which are perfectly preserved. They depict paintings with a mythological theme. Here are the punishments of Dirka and little Hercules, who chokes two snakes sent by the gods and many others. There are also several images of people behind their usual activities. Here are depicted workers for the collection of grapes, weaving, metalworking, scenes of commerce, chariot races and others.




House of the Vettii  House of the Vettii  House of the Vettii    House of the Vettii  House of the Vettii  House of the Vettii  House of the Vettii

The frescoes in the House of the Vettii are one of the greatest examples of Roman art of the first century.

In December 2016, after 12 years of renovation, House of the Vettii was finally open to the public.