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Terrace of M. Nonius Balbus (Terrazza di M. Nonio Balbo) (Herculaneum)

Terrace of M. Nonius Balbus (Terrazza di M. Nonio Balbo) (Herculaneum)

Terrace of M. Nonius Balbus was dedicated to the famous proconsul who served under first Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus. He donated large sums of money to Herculaneum and its citizens. After his death a terrace was named after him, a statue of proconsul erected and an altar in his honor was constructed here. An inscriptions on the altar state:












"In view of the proposal of Marcus Ofillius Celer, twice duumvir, that the dignity of the township required recognition of the merits of Marcus Nonius Balbus, the Council resolved the following:
Seeing that Marcus Nonius Balbus, so long as he lived here showed a parental disposition of extraordinary generosity to individuals and the community, the councillors decided that an equestrian statue be erected to him at public expense in the most frequented spot with the inscription:
To Marcus Nonius Balbus, praetor, proconsul, patron, (from) the entire Council of the people of Herculaneum in recognition of his merits.
Further, at the spot where his ashes are laid a marble altar should be made and erected, and publicly inscribed:
To Marcus Nonius Balbus son of Marcus and that the procession of Parentalia should part from this spot, and that at the customary athletic games one day should be dedicated to his honour, and on the occasion of performances at the theatre a seat should be placed for him.









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