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Paestum Archaeological Site



  • Location: Campania  Map

    Established: 660 BC




Description of Paestrum Archaeological Site

Paestrum Archaeological Site is an ancient Roman site in the Campania region of Italy. The city of Paestum was called Poseidonia after god of the sea since its establishment in 660 BC by the Greek settlers from Sybaris. Located on the Tyrrhenian coast, south of Salerno, this city was an outlet for trade between mother- city of Sybaris and Etruscans that lived in the Tuscany. As the Roman republic grew, the Paestum fell in the hands of the Romans in 273 BC. It was renamed Paestrum, but soon after the conquest malaria broke out in the region, largely due to marshy area that surrounded the area. Paestum was abandoned and soon its name and location was lost to obscurity. This allowed its preservation until it was not discovered by the peasants accidentally and later excavated by the archaeologists. Three temples are particularly notable for their design and incredible state of preservation. The Athenion (c. 500 BC), the Temple of Hera (c. 530 BC), and finally the Temple of Neptune (c. 450 BC) that is particularly impressive.

Temple of Apollo (Paestrum)

Temple of Apollo











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