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Saint Roland Statue (Riga)

Statue of Saint Roland Riga




Old Town Rātslaukums, Town Hall Square





Description of Statue of Saint Roland

Statue of Saint Roland, patron saint of Riga, stands near House of Blackheads and city Town Hall. It was erected in 1897. However current figure is a copy. The original is kept at the Saint Peter's Cathedral. In the Middle Ages, Statues of Saint Roland were erected as a sign of bourgeois freedom and an expression of the economic prosperity of the city. In addition to the statues expressly designated as Roland, similarly designed knight figures emerged as a symbol of the civil liberties defended or at least claimed by the citizens. It was the identity of a city with its own jurisdiction. The glory was based on the Hruotland fate, which was under Charles the Great in Counties in Breton. Roland fell into the battle against the Basques under Count Lupus in the Pyrenees in the valley of Roncesvalles on August 15, 778.








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