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Retezat National Park (Parcul Naţional Retezat)

Retezat National Park




Location: Hunedoara County Map

Area: 38 hectares (94 acres)

Elevation: 2482 m




Description of Retezat National Park


Retezat National Park is the oldest nature preserve Romania situated in Hunedoara County.  Retezat National Park covers an area of 38 hectares or 93 acres of Retezat mountains. It contains over 100 glacier lakes surrounded by picturesque mountains. Fauna species include badgers, lynx, bears, wolves, wild boars, several species of deer and other animals. There are several camping places on the territory of park, but most of them lack lavatories and other amenities. Most of camp sites are free of charge. The best time to visit the park is in the late spring, early summer or late summer and early fall. If you travel by yourself bring something that rattles. Several species like bears, boars and lynxes are known to have attacked humans who surprised animals. Additionally if you see a cub or a small piglet avoid him or her by all means. Its mother might be around and she might not be happy to see you around its baby.