Sighişoara Citadel

Sighişoara Citadel


Location: Sighişoara, Mures County Map

Constructed: 12th century


Sighişoara Citadel is a historic town situated on the banks of Tarnava River in Mures county in Romania. It was found in the 12th century by the Saxon (German region) colonists under name of Castrum Sex or Fortress Six. They were invited here by Hungarian king Geza II. New comers would get plenty of land and independent government, but in return they had to defend eastern borders of Transylvania against attacks from the Turks. At the time it was known as a city Schespurch, since most of its residents were from Saxony or modern day Germany. Some of the old tombstones still have German inscriptions etched in them. Among other things it is a famous birth place of infamous Vlad III the Impaler (Vlad Țepeș) known widely as simply Count Dracula. Today Sighişoara is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to annual medieval festivals.


Clock Tower (Turnul cu Ceas)

Address: Piata Cetatii
Open: Tue - Sun 9am - 4pm

Closed: Mon


The Torture Room (Camera de Tortura)
Address: Piata Muzeului 1
Tel: (265) 771 108
Open: Tue - Sun 10am - 3:30pm

Closed: Mon

Clock Tower or Council Tower of Sighisora is one of the most prominent feature of the Old Town. It was constructed in 1360 to warn all residents of the city of the upcoming threat. Additionally it was a gathering spot for the city council until 1556, hence it gets its second name. Later a clock was added with automatic figures that do a dance every hour or so. Four small turrets symbolize the autonomy of the Town Council in matters of the self- governing and judicial system. Modern roof was badly damaged when gunpowder store blew up in 1676. It was subsequently rebuilt in Baroque style. You can enter inside the tower, climb its stairs and reach a balcony with a beautiful view of the city below. Inside the tower you can see a Torture Room with an interesting collection of weapons designed to inflict maximal pain for the unfortunate victims. Additionally you can see the inside of the tower and intricate mechanisms that move the figures.


Vlad Dracul House (Casa Vlad Dracul)

Address: Str. Cositorarilor 5


Weapons Collection (Colectia de Arme Medievale)
Address: Str. Cositorarilor 5
Tel: (265) 771.108
Open: Tue - Sun 10am - 3:30pm

Closed Mon

This small yellow building is an actual place where famous Count Vlad III the Impaler or Dracula was born in 1431. He also lived here until in 1435 he moved with his father to Targoviste. The ground floor is taken by a restaurant named after the house, while the first floor of the building is home to a Weapon Museum.


Covered Staircase (Scara Şcolarilor)

Open: 8am- 8pm daily

Covered Staircase is an old staircase that leads tourists to the Church on the Hill and cemetery. It was covered by wooden roof to protect parishioners who went up the hill to the church.


Church of the Dominican Monastery (Biserica Manastirii Dominicane)

Address: Piata Cetat


Venetian House (Casa Venetiana)

Address: Piata Muzeului


Bust of Vlad Tepes

Church on the Hill (Biserica din Deal)

Address: Piata Cetatii
Open: Mon - Sun 10am -6pm

Church on the Hill is a Lutheran Gothic Church that towers over the rest of the city. It was constructed on a the School Hill that reaches an elevation of 1373 feet high. It was constructed in the early 14th century as a Roman Catholic Church, but after Reformation of the 16th century it became Lutheran along with its residents. It has a cemetery next to it with many German tombstones.


Stag House (Casa cu Cerb)

Address: Piata Cetatii


Ropemakers' Tower (Turnul Franghierilor)

Constructed: 13th century