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History of Bogolyubovo


Bogolyubovo was found between 1158 and 1165 as an official residence of medieval prince Andrei Bogolyubsky ("beloved by God" in Russian). The place was found on a picturesque confluence of Nerl River and Klyazma River. Local legend claim that Andrey Bogolyubsky found Bogolyubovo on a site where he had a spiritual vision in his sleep of Virgin Mary Theotokos ("God bearing" in Greek). She ordered him to construct a church and a convent. Prince Andrei spent living 17 years in Bogolyubovo until he was assassinated in 1174.

Shortly thereafter Bogolyubovo was besieged and captured by troops of Prince Gleb of Ryazan in 1177. In February 1238 during Mongol invasion the city was captured again by Mongol troops. They destroyed its military fortifications. Today only remains of earth mounds and ruins of white stone walls and towers remain. From that point on Bogolyubovo lost its political and military role in medieval Russia. Instead it became the center of religious and spiritual life. City monasteries grew in size and splendour. After Russian Revolution of 1917 atheist fanatics closed all monasteries and most of the churches. Only in 1992 all temples were re- opened and returned to Russian Orthodox Church.






















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