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Yuri Doroshenko (Юрий Дорошенко)




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  • Yuri Doroshenko was born on January 29th. 21 years old. Not married.

  • He was born in 1938 in Strelecky region of Kursk Oblast (state) in a family of three siblings. Yury's father graduated from the Kiev Institute of GMI. When World War II broke out his whole family was moved with their factory beyond the Ural mountains to escape the German occupation and bombing. His father died in 1954 from a heart attack. The next year in 1955 Yury graduated from High School with straight A's and a medal for exemplary achievements.

  • Yuri Doroshenko was a student of the same UPI university on a faculty of heavy machinery. It was last 4th year.

  • Doroshenko was involved in a relationship with Zina Kolmogorova and even went to met her parents in Kamensk- Urals. Although they broke up he kept a good relationship with Zina Kolmogorova and Igor Dyatlov.

  • Yuri Doroshenko was an experienced hiker with several long range hikes. He himself headed several groups in the Middle Ural Mountain range of varying degrees of complexity.

  • His body was found on February 26, 1959 under the cedar with George Krivonischenko by Slobtsov.

  • Official cause of death is hypothermia, although his autopsy mentioned presence of strange foam around his mouth that might be indicative of pulmonary edema, a very rare diagnosis among young athletic individuals.

  • He was buried on the Michaylovsky (Saint Michael) Cemetery







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