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Zinaida Kolmogorova Autopsy





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Zinaida Kolmogorova AutopsyZinaida was better dressed than bodies underneath the cedar. She had two hats, long sleeved shirt, sweater, another shirt and a sweater with torn cuffs. It was unclear whether she cut them off or they were torn by another person. She also had trousers, cotton athletic pants, ski pants with three small holes on the bottom. She also had three pairs of socks. No footwear and a military mask.


- swelling of meninges (important feature of hypothermia) (1, 2)

- frostbites on the phalanges of fingers (9)

- numerous bruises on hands and palms (7, 8)

- a long bruise that encircled her on the right side, 29* 6 cm (10)


Amount of urine in bladder is 300 g. Her cause of death was proclaimed as a hypothermia due to violent accident. Further studies proved that she was not sexually active at the time of her death.


However we need to mention that while in the official report reports no damage to the head region radiograms seems to differ with this assessment. Head of the search party Maslenikov sent a message to his superior comrade Sulman that stated that Kolmogorova did in fact suffer a traumatic injury to the head.


Sheet 146
Received by Temnikov
№1712 sl 27/2 (February 27th)
To Sulman
Immediately. Soon after we descended we discovered four corpses of Dyatlov Zolotarev Krivanischenko Kolmogorov. The victims were thrown out of the tent by a hurricane, some without boots or pants. The hurricane blew in the North- east, East direction so they are all on the same line from the tent. The farthest body was found about two kilometers from the tents. In the mouth of the creek which flows into the Lozvy river we found remains of a fire with several charred logs. Nearest (to the tent) Kolmogorova has a broken head. Examination will continue tomorrow. We will set up a camp (in the valley of river) Auspii so we won't disturb the traces of the accident. We tried to contact Axelrod, but they didn't respond. I think they should contact us.


Protocol of the Inspection of the scene
Face is covered in the blood. Waist abrasions with visible blood.


Zinaida Kolmogorova




Kolmogorova Official Autopsy Report

Sheet 127

ACT number 4

Forensic medical examination of corpses a citizen
Kolmogorov Zinaida Alekseevna, 22 years old

4 March 1959 according to the decision of the prosecutor's office of Sverdlovsk region on March 3, 1959 forensic experts of the Regional Bureau of Forensic Medicine of the Sverdlovsk region Renaissance VA and Laptev II in the presence of the public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk Region State Counselor of Justice Class III Vee-NI, the prosecutor criminologist regional prosecutor's office junior counselor of justice Ivanova LI witnesses and comrade. Comrade. PROUD SD and NASKICHEVA KV in the room of the morgue of the central hospital management n / box number H-240 in daylight and sunny weather made the study of the corpse of citizen Kolmagorova Zinaida Alekseevna 22 years, to determine the cause of death and the responses to the questions listed in the decree.


January 23, 1959 amateur group of tourists of 10 people went to ski like the route Ivdel - Mountain Otorten. From phase 2 nd North went 9 people in the ski trip. 1st February 1959 the group began to climb the mountain and in the evening Otorten pitched tents at the height of 1079.
On the night of 2 of February under mysterious circumstances has occurred the death of 9 persons.

Sheet 128

- 2 -

a / External examination

On the dissecting table is a female corpse ???? a corpse: the two upper limbs bent at the elbows. The left lower limb more straighten the knee and hip. Both limbs are connected together and are in contact in the lower third of the right leg and the inner surface of the left knee. Toes stretched and lowered down.
Clothes on the body: color red woolen hat, tied at the chin on the bow under her blue woolen knitted cap attached to the hair clasp, a blue woolen svitr, left cuff interrupted, dressed to the left side, below the cotton cowboy shirt with long sleeves and one left rastegnut pocket, left sleeve cuff rastegnut have. Color cowboy in ???, SPECIAL green, red cells, a cowboy on the left side of the chest revealed a protective mask military pattern. Under cowboy vigonevy svitr light red to blue lateral stripes, dressed to the left side, on the left and the right arm of the two patches, one brown sock and one of cotton blue fabric; knitting shirt long sleeve blue; black satin bra fastened with two buttons; Ski pants, black sports bikes from the clasps on the sides, buttons rastegnut in-bottom pants cuffs with buttons not buttoned on the right leg cuff has three break a depth of 0.5 cm 1.2 cm and 0.3 cm; blue cotton sweatpants with? -mya internal pockets, buckles on the sides rastegnut, unscrewed the right pocket of his exhibition races




Sheet 129

- 3 -

Ceska brown with two broken teeth in his pocket ??? vom shoelace drawstring black; ??? Yuki bottom with an elastic band; ladies knitted leggings with fleece inaudible color; lady cotton tights in black with an elastic band; cotton pants swimming trunks color on the 4 buttons; brown wool on legs ??? ski with fur insoles, beneath blue and brown vigonevye socks.
corpse length 162 cm. Good food, with well-developed muscle groups. Cadaverous spots bluish-purple on the rear surface of the trunk. Rigor mortis was resolved in muscle groups joints. On the head temnorusye hair braided in two braids associated with two red silk ribbons, hair length up to 30 cm high sloping forehead backwards.; the skin of the face and hands lilovokrasnogo colors in the right frontal eminence abrasion dark red color measuring 2 x 1.5 cm. thick to the touch, with her portion blednosurogo color measuring 3 x 2 cm, reaching the right eyebrow in the right temporomandibular malar area osadnenie irregularly shaped skin color burokrasnogo size? x 5 cm. narrow black eyebrows. . On the upper eyelid of the left and the right eye portion osadneniya skin dark red color in the size 5 x 1 cm and 0.5 x 0.5 cm left eye half open slot, cloudy cornea, iris light brown color; on the cornea of ​​the left eyeball Lyarshe spots. Mucous century reddish color. Nasal bridge slightly arched at the back of the nose abrasion burokrasnogo color measuring 1 x 0.7 cm., On In the zygomatic arch, cheeks and chin are many abrasions various shapes and sizes under the dry tip of the nose is the same abrasion parchment density of 2 x 1 cm. brown crusts dimensions of 6 x 2 cm. to? x 1 cm. or less. Lips bluish-red, swollen, his mouth slightly open, straight white teeth, tongue in the mouth shut; mucous gums bluish-pink

Sheet 130

- 4 - (corrected by hand - approx ed.).

colors. The opening of the mouth, nose and ear passages clean. Auricles oval pink neck without features. The rib cage is cylindrical in shape, medium-sized breasts, testovatoy. Nipples protrude above the surface of the breast, the nipple and areola color blednoserogo; stomach located at chest level. External genitalia are formed correctly, mucous their bluish-pink color. Hymen annular shape, the free edge of its fringed, natural orifice hymen passes the tip of the little finger of an adult. Vaginal discharge is not.
At the rear right and left hand in the metacarpal-phalangeal joint and abrasion mezhfalangealnyh burokrasnogo touch dense color, dimensions of 1.5 x 1 cm. X 0.3 cm 3. On the rear of the right hand at the base of the third finger wound irregular angle facing the terminal phalanx of the size 3 x 2.2 cm. with jagged edges and scalp skin graft. The terminal phalanx of the left hand thumb 1-5 dense to the touch, dry, burolilovogo color; in the inner and outer surfaces of both upper extremities is well expressed venous network. Lower extremities without a trace of visible damage to pinkish-red. In the lumbar region the right side surface of the body, the right side of the abdomen osadnenie bright red color of the skin in the form of strips measuring 29 x 6 cm. The rest of the surface of the trunk and limbs blednokrasnogo color, legs and feet pronounced venous network.

b / Internal research

Skin patches of the scalp with the inner surface of the moist, juicy, brilliant red color.



Sheet 131

- 5 - (corrected by hand - approx ed.).

Bones roof and base of the skull intact. The dura mater bluish-gray, red-blooded, pia muddy, swollen. Brains and Brain furrow smoothed, flattened. The contours of the lateral ventricles of the brain are not distinguishable gray matter poorly distinguishable from white. The substance of the brain is a jelly-like mass of bluish-red color, the cerebellum pattern discernible bad. Vessels base of the brain without features. Subcutaneous fat body is well developed. The position of internal organs proper light freely lie in the pleural cavity. In the near-heart bag contained about 30 cm3 liquid amber color, heart size 12 x 10.6 cm, with a surface charged to fat. Cardiac muscle on a cut dark red color. In the right and left halves of the heart contained up to 150 see 3 dark liquid blood, heart valves of the aorta and pulmonary artery smooth, thin, brilliant, coronary heart vessels are free, are passable, the inner surface of the aorta smooth, clean; width aortic arch over valves 8 cm.
The light from the surface of bluish-red color, testovatoy to touch on the cut lung tissue dark red color when pressed with the cut surface liberally dripping bloody fluid and fluid dark blood, throat and bronchial lumen is free. The mucosa of the esophagus trachea and bronchi bluish-red color. Pod''yazychnaya bone intact. The thyroid gland is in the section bluish-red color. In the cavity of the stomach contained traces of frothy mucous mass dirty yellow, the gastric mucosa serovatokrasnogo color with well-defined folding. On the upper surface of the gastric mucosa folds small hemorrhages Vishnevsky spots. Pancreas on the cut lilovokrasnogo color fine-

Sheet 132

- 6 - (corrected by hand, approx ed.)

lobed. The liver surface is smooth shiny liver size of 24 x 15 x 11 x 8 cm on the cut liver tissue burovishnevogo color with a bad liver discernible pattern abruptly full-blooded.; gallbladder contained up to 30 see 3 olive-colored fluid, mucous gallbladder velvety brown. Spleen loose to the touch, her wrinkled capsule, on the cut fabric of her temnovishnevogo colored pulp with a cut surface gives a great scraping. spleen size 9 x 6.2 x 2 cm. In the lumen of the small intestine mucosa contain plenty gryaznozheltogo color, intestinal mucosa bluish-reddish color. In the lumen of the colon fecal burokorichnevogo color colonic mucosa bluish-gray color. Kidneys from the surface smooth, brilliant, capsule kidney removed easily, in the context of kidney tissue temnovishnevogo color cortex renal medulla discernible bad. The layers of the adrenal glands to distinguish good right kidney size 8 x 5 x 3 cm., left 8 x 5 x 2.5 cm. The uterus is small, dense to the touch, the cut fabric of her blednoserogo colors in the lumen of the uterus traces of pale red mucus. Appendages on the cut without features. The bladder contained up to 300 see 3 turbid yellowish liquid, the bladder mucosa blednolilovogo color.
For chemical and histological examination of the corpse is taken from the specified portion of the internal organs. When the corpse study the presence of alcohol is not established.


BUREAU forensic - / signature / / Renaissance /

Severouralsk - signature / Laptev /



Sheet 133

- 8 - (corrected by hand, approx ed.).

PROSECUTOR the Sverdlovsk region
counselor of state

PROSECUTION ML. Counselor of Justice - the signature / Ivanov /

Concept - s / PROUD /
Concept - s / NASKICHEV /

Sheet 134


Based on these studies the corpse of citizen Kolmagorova Zinaida Alekseevna, 22 years, and given the circumstances of the case believe that the death of Kolmogorov was the result of low temperature / freezing / as evidenced by swelling of the meninges, the sharp hyperemia of internal organs, liquid dark blood in the heart cavity , Vishnevsky spots on the gastric mucosa, the third fourth-degree frostbite terminal phalanges of the fingers; found injuries on the body in the form Kolmagorova osadneniya abrasions and skin wounds caused by a blunt instrument, resulting from the fall, a bruise on the rocks, ice, snow.
The above injuries were caused by Kolmogorov as in life, as well as in the agonal state posthumously.
These studies corpse Kolmogorov suggest that meal she had for 6-8 hours until death. The presence of alcohol in the study werenot  found, preserved virginity Kolmogorov. Death is violent, an accident.

BUREAU forensic - signature / Renaissance /

Severouralsk - signature / Laptev /





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