Description of Domodedovo

Domodedovo Airport (IATA: DME). Domodedovo - Moscow airport with the largest passenger traffic. It consists of a single, ever-overloaded terminal. It is located 23 km south-east of Moscow Ring Road, named after the city of the Moscow Region of the same name, however, it is located relatively far from it.


The terminal has two floors. On the first floor in the center of the reception, on the left (if you look from the station square) arriving international lines, on the right - arriving internal lines and Aeroexpress station. Minibuses and buses drive up to the terminal itself, its central part. With the exception of a fairly spacious international arrivals area, the first floor is always filled with people and contains nothing useful except for a couple of tiny cafes, mobile phone racks, and paid sockets. Nowhere to sit.

The second floor is occupied by numerous cafes and waiting rooms, where compared to the first floor is quite free. The best food option is the Mu-Mu dining room, hidden in the far right corner (next to access to sector D). Prices are almost the same as in the city, you can fully dine for 500-600 rubles (2015). In a similar format, the Yolki-Palki tavern, located approximately in the center of the terminal, operates. Its advantage is the presence of sockets next to the tables along the wall. The rest of the cafes are significantly more expensive, although it is more comfortable in places, and the chances of finding an outlet in them are higher. Next to the "Mu-Mu" children's corner (450 rubles / h). In the center of the hall is a Megaphone stand with internet access (250 rubles / h), the ability to print and sell SIM cards. Free Wi-Fi works in the entire terminal. If you are completely bored, look for a DVD Cinema bar - these are sofas in front of TVs showing films (600 rubles / person).

Storage rooms are located in the basement under the arrival halls. There are also showers, 350 rubles per hour.

The departure zone is divided into four sectors, but really A and B are two escalator-connected compartments in the left wing of the terminal (international departures), and C and D are the same two floors in the right wing (domestic departures). There is no place to sit, and the cafe is expensive and crowded. Wi-Fi works, although sometimes with interruptions.



How to get there:
Aeroexpress from Paveletsky railway station every half hour, on the way 45 min. Cost - 470 rubles (420 rubles when buying a ticket via the Internet).
A suburban train runs from Paveletsky station at intervals of 2-3 hours, it takes about 1 h 10 min and costs 114 rubles (76 rubles to Kolomenskoye station - Varshavskaya metro station), which is three to four times cheaper than Aeroexpress, to the same platforms. Unlike Aeroexpress, there are benefits for schoolchildren, students and a number of social categories of citizens.
Buses and minibuses №308 from 2 Domodedovo, on the way 25-30 minutes with an accuracy of traffic jams in the Moscow Ring Road. Buses run from 6 am to midnight; minibuses also operate at night with an interval of 40 minutes, theoretically at night, the route of the night bus H3 passes at intervals of 30 minutes and stops on demand through the Domodedovskaya metro station. The fare is 79 rubles (social bus with all stops), 100 rubles (express), 120 rubles (minibus). The airport is not served by Mosgortrans flights, Moscow travel cards are not valid. On social flights, the Strelka card, regional benefits and travel cards are valid.
Bus number 30 from the railway station Domodedovo in the city of the same name - only if you know why you need to go there
By car, it is more convenient to go to Domodedovo than to other Moscow airports, since a special highway is built from the Moscow Ring Road (a continuation of Kashirskoye Highway), more or less free of traffic.