Arshan, Russia


Arshan is a mountain balneological resort in the Tunkinsky district, the most popular holiday destination in Buryatia. Arshan is located in the foothills of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, at the exit of the Kyngyrga River from the mountains, in a dense coniferous forest.

The Buryat word "arshan" means "healing water, healing spring".

The history of the resort begins in 1894, when a mineral spring was discovered here.

In 1920, Arshan received the status of a resort of national importance, and since 1928, sanatoriums began to be built here. Since that time, Arshan has become one of the most popular places for treatment and recreation in Buryatia.

The resort is located in a picturesque place at an altitude of 893 meters above sea level, among a mixed forest. The air of the resort is saturated with the aromas of pine needles and mountain freshness.

The resort of Arshan has a temperate mild climate, which is explained by the proximity of mountains and forests. Summer in Arshan is cool and rainy. Frequent rains occur in the second half of July and in August. Autumn is long, with clear, warm days, the sun shines all day, the air is completely calm. Especially good weather is in the second half of September and in October. Winter in Arshan is less cold and windless than in nearby villages. Spring with rather changeable weather, with small frequent snowfalls. Arshan is known for the abundance of sunny days. By the number of hours of sunshine, Arshan is inferior to such resorts as Yalta, Kislovodsk, Essentuki. The climatic conditions of Arshan make it possible to refer it to one of the most comfortable corners of Eastern Siberia. No wonder it is often called "Siberian Switzerland".

The main healing factor of Arshan is carbonic-sulfate-magnesium low-ferrous waters. They are similar in composition to the narzan of Kislovodsk. Water can be drunk and used for baths.

Arshan waters are effective in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, metabolic diseases, liver and biliary tract, and diseases of the nervous system.

Currently, the resort has Arshan and Sayany sanatoriums, as well as several dozen boarding houses that can simultaneously accommodate up to 5 thousand vacationers. The private sector is actively developing - residents of the village open guest houses.

There are many attractions in the vicinity of the resort, to which excursion routes are laid. The most popular among vacationers were walks to the waterfalls of the Kyngyrga River, to Crystal Lake, to extinct volcanoes, to the old arshans of Suburg and Papiy Arshan. During the tour along the river Kyngyrge you can see 12 waterfalls. There are two Buddhist temples (datsans) in the village - Khandagaytay and Khoymorsky - where lamas-healers and astrologers receive.

In the summer, several thousand guests rest at the resort at the same time. In winter, the flow of tourists is significantly reduced.



Khandagaytay datsan (“Bodhidharma”).
Khoymorsky datsan.
Waterfalls on the river Kyngarga.
Crystal lake.
Ulyaborsky extinct volcano.
Marble bottom of the Kyngarga river.
Coymor lakes.
Papiy Arshan.
Suburgan "Kingdom of the White Elephant".
Throne of Genghis Khan.
Sacred Grove of Tears and Eye Spring.
500 year old larch.
Observation plateau.
Peak of love.
Sculpture "Tehe" (Mountain Sheep) (at the bus station).
Sculpture "Khubuun" (Boy) (at the mineral spring).
Sculpture "Sagaan Ubgen" (White Elder). Sculpture in white marble at the source of three springs.
Sculpture "Sagaan Ubgen" (White Elder) (next to the Chinese arbor).
Sculpture "Spider". Bronze sculpture on the rock on the left at the first waterfall.
Stela "Arshan" (at the entrance to the territory of the village).
Love tree.
Mongolian market.
Secrets of the ancient sandy hills of the Akhalik River.
Irkut river. Aug 2016 edit
Solar radio telescope of the Badary observatory.
Hot mineral baths in Vyshka.
Bowl of virgins on the river Bukhota.
Medicine Buddha Statue, Resort Park.
Wooden sculpture "Shaman". It is located in the park of the resort, next to the Chinese gazebo.

To merge with nature, enjoying its pristine beauty, recharge with the energy of the mountains, improve health in mineral springs, discover new knowledge and get unforgettable impressions from these unique places.

In the summer, all kinds of offices are open to organize hikes, excursions around the Tunkinskaya Valley, where you can see extinct volcanoes, the Solar Observatory, and museums.

You can stop at Arshan and drive 45 km to take hot mineral baths in the Zhemchug springs, the locals call that area "Tower".



House-Museum of Root Plastics "Forest Fairy Tale", 671023, Buryatia, Tunkinsky district, Arshan village, microdistrict, house 12. ☎ +7 (950) 137 73 78. Private collection of sculptures from tree roots, more than 500 exhibits
Museum of the history of the Arshan resort, Main alley of the park.



Sagaalgan: folk holiday, meeting the New Year - the Year of the Horse according to the lunar calendar. The date is "floating", calculated according to the lunar calendar, in 2014 it is celebrated on January 31 (in Buryatia, a day off).
Mountain festival "Munku-Sardyk": annually in the last days of April at the foot of the mountain peak Munku-Sardyk, in the gorge of the Irkut River, mountain tourism lovers from all over the world gather. Border of Tunkinsky and Okinsky districts. End of April - beginning of May 2014.
Exhibition of paintings by Karl Shulunov. House of creativity. May 6, 2014.
Opening of the sculpture of Sagaan Ubgen (White Elder). eye source. May 6, 2014.
Festival of Cossack culture - takes place annually in July in different regions of Buryatia. In the summer of 2014 will be held in the vicinity of the village of Tunka.
Surkharban (Naadan): Buryat cultural and sports holiday - national wrestling, Buryat archery, games, performances of folklore groups, treats with dishes of Buryat cuisine. Arshan. June 12, 2014.


Getting here

Arshan is located 28 kilometers from the highway A164 "Kultuk-Mondy-Orlik".

The nearest railway station is Slyudyanka (Irkutsk region).

The nearest airports are Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk.

The distance from Arshan to Ulan-Ude is about 450 km, to Irkutsk - 220 km, to Slyudyanka - 137 km.

A fixed-route taxi departs daily from the forecourt of the Ulan-Ude railway station (Revolution 1905, 35). Travel time is approximately 7-8 hours. The fare is 800 rubles. Shuttle taxis depart daily from 7:00 to 17:00, depending on the number of passengers.

You can get from Irkutsk by bus from the bus station (October Revolution Street, 11). Reference: +7 (3952) 20-91-15. Fixed-route taxis depart from the railway station (Chelnokova St., 1). Travel time is 2-2.5 hours. Fare: 300-350 rubles. Reference: +7 (3952) 95-30-84.

From the Slyudyanka station to Arshan, a fixed-route taxi departs daily at 8.30 and 14.00, which gets to the resort in 1.5-2 hours. The fare is 170 rubles. Reference taxi "Slyudyanka-Arshan" - 8 (950) 053-40-84, 8 (950) 139-63-70, 8 (395-44) 5-11-11, 5-25-55.


Local transport

There is a private taxi in the village. There is a single tariff: 100 rubles to any part of the village.

Taxi "Luck", +7 950 399 53 34
Taxi, +7 908 595 98 56



There are enough shops with a mixed assortment in the village. The municipal market operates in winter and summer. In the center of Arshan, in a spontaneous market, locals sell fresh meat and milk, as well as dairy products - sour cream, cottage cheese. In winter, trade slows down, there are fewer sellers and they move to insulated places.



1 "Mongolian Market", Resort Park (at the entrance). 9:00–19:00. Municipal market of goods made of wool (yak, goat, camel). All goods are mainly from Mongolia. Medicinal herbs, pine nuts, Siberian chewing gum - sulfur from the resin of coniferous trees - are widely represented on the stalls at any time of the year. Here is the widest selection of souvenirs in the village.
2  Kiosk "Souvenirs of Buryatia", st. Traktovaya (opposite the bus station). ☎ +7(951) 629 98 83. 11:00–18:00. Handmade souvenirs, books, postcards, cards.
3 "Artist's House", st. Traktovaya (in the center).
11:00–18:00. Author's ceramics, paintings.



Grocery store "Good", st. Domyshev brothers. 09:00–21:00. Diverse assortment. The best grocery store in the village (according to the newspaper "Arshan")



The traditional food of the locals is meat and dairy dishes.

1 Cafe "Naran", st. Embankment, 3. ☎ +7 (3952) 668-672. 12:00–23:00. Modern, comfortable, affordable. European and Buryat cuisine. In the center of the village, 50 meters away is a bridge across the mountain river Kyngyrga and an alley leading to springs and waterfalls.
2 "ShangriLa" cafe, st. Traktovaya. ☎ 97 413 +8 (301) 47 97 413. 10:00–24:00. Located in the center of the village, opposite the park. European, Buryat, Uzbek. Cozy interior, festive and concert programs every day!
3   Cafe "Ledum", st. Pavlova. ☎ 331 +7 (30147) 97 331. 11:00–23:00. Center, next to the bus station. Cuisine European, Buryat. Delicious, inexpensive.
4 Cafe "Bayar", st. Traktovaya, 36. ☎ +7 . 11:00–23:00. Center. Close to clothing market.
5   Cafe Khamar-Daban, st. Traktovaya. ☎ +7 . 11:00–23:00. Opposite the sanatorium "Sayan".
Buryat cuisine to order, st. Pavlova, 12/1. ☎ +7 (908) 597 20 17. 8.00-23.00. Buuzy, tea, salamat. Delicious, inexpensive.


Night life

Bar-disco "New Age". Works in summer



1 "Naran", st. Quay, 3 (in the center). ☎ +7 (30147) 97-585. Comfortable, cozy, reasonable prices. Cafe. Convenient location: next to the Kyngarga River, 50 meters from the alley leading to springs and waterfalls.
2 "Castle of the Mountain King", st. Gagarin, 18 (center). ☎ +7 (3952) 735-566.
3 "Irkut", st. Traktovaya, 72 (in the center). ✉ ☎ 27 00 +7 (950) 085 27 00, fax: +7 (3014) 79 76 66.


Guest houses, recreation centers

4 "Orion" (Holiday home), per. Titova, 4 (in the center). ☎ 81 62 +7 (983) 533 81 62. From 1000 rubles per day. Comfortable rest house on the bank of the mountain river Kyngyrga.
5 Recreation center Mint, st. Traktovaya, 89 (center). ☎ +7 (902) 566-08-53 . Double room: 1800 rubles per night, no meals, for 2 people. Cafe. Sauna, pavilions with barbecue, parking, summer cafe, sports town, playground, swimming pool with sun loungers. Bicycles for rent. Visa, Mastercard, Sbercard, American Express.
6  Sinegorye Chalet, st. Embankment, 51. ☎ mob. +7(950) 097 27 62 Vera Mikhailovna, mob. +7(950) 097 27 63 Sergey Fedorovich. 650 rubles per day per person on weekends, 600 rubles on weekdays, 300 rubles for children from 3-5 years old, up to 3 years old - free of charge. Large area, many pine trees, a quiet place on the river bank. Gazebo, barbecue. Parking. Satellite TV, Internet (Wi-Fi)
7  Recreation center "Sosnovy Bor", st. Veresova, 115. ☎ +7 (914) 899-88-89, +7 (914) 892-87-97.
8 Guest house "Arshansky Bor", st. Brothers Domyshev, 44. ☎ +7 (3012) 44-49-82, 44-12-22.
"Vertical" (Guest house), Arshan settlement Lomonosov settlement 1. Year-round, around the clock. from 700 rubles per person. Located in the center of Arshan village. Well-appointed. On the territory there is a gazebo, barbecue, sauna. WiFi. Detailed information can be found on the website or by phone: 89149109105 or 89500675757
Guest house "Arshan", st. Pushkin house 50a. ☎ + 7(950)383-14-85 +7(950)383-26-45. Year-round, around the clock. from 700 rubles per person. Well appointed rooms and cottages. On the territory there is a gazebo, a bathhouse. Brazier, free parking, free internet (wifi). Each room has a refrigerator, TV, shower, heating. A few steps away is a sanatorium, a cafe, a supermarket, a gym.
Recreation center "Arshan Fazenda", per. Lomonosov, 18 (center). ☎ + 79516342333. Year-round, around the clock. Price from 650 rubles per person. Cozy cottages for families. On the territory there is a gazebo, barbecue, barbecue area and a children's corner.



9  Sanatorium "Arshan". ✉ ☎ 8-800-100-48-58, +7 (30147) 97-481, 91-445, 97-470, 97-487. Capacity - 290 seats
10  Sanatorium "Sayany". ✉ ☎ 8-800-100-48-58, +7 (30147) 97-481, 91-445, 97-470, 97-487. Capacity - 402 seats
Sanatorium-improving camp "Edelweiss". ☎ +7 (30147) 97-481, 91-445, 97-470, 97-487. Capacity - 100 seats. Children from 7 to 15 years old unaccompanied by parents
You can also stay at the resort "savage", without a ticket. Almost every house rents out housing for a short period of time. In the summer, on the fences, the owners of the housing hang out the signs "I RENT HOUSING". In winter, it is more difficult to rent a house, but in the center of the village there is always a free house, especially near the park. Moreover, the owners, waiting for a random guest, always keep the premises ready, heat the stoves every day. Recently, one can often meet on the main street of Arshan - Traktovaya - people standing with a sign "Housing". On average, the cost of one uncomfortable bed ranges from 300-500 rubles, a comfortable dwelling costs from 600 rubles.



On August 9, 1894, the missionary of the Koimorsky camp Chistokhin at a meeting of the Academic Council of Tomsk University made a message about a healing mineral spring. By the end of the 19th century, there were 52 courtyards of local residents and 40 summer houses for holidaymakers at the spring.

In May 1920, after the liberation of the Tunkinskaya Valley from the White Cossacks and Kolchakites, the Irkutsk Provincial Health Department ordered to receive wounded Red Guards on Arshan. In 1920, 320 people rested and underwent treatment at the resort. In 1922, a bathroom building was built, in 1925 - two sleeping buildings.

In 1926, a small hydroelectric power station was built on the Kyngyrga river. In the summer of 1927, a plant for the production of carbonated mineral water began to work. In 1932 the dining room building was built.

December 17, 1975 Arshan was assigned to the resort villages.

On May 3, 1979, the resort village of Arshan was transformed into a rural settlement - a settlement.


Arshan resort

The Arshan resort itself includes two sanatoriums: "Sayany" and "Arshan", which are part of the spa trade union association "Baikalkurort". The sanatoriums are located in the Tunkinskaya valley at the foot of the monumental Sayan mountains with snow-capped peaks, on the picturesque mountain river Kyngyrga, flowing down to Arshan in a narrow valley with waterfalls.

The main natural therapeutic factors are carbonic, low-mineralized, siliceous sulfate-hydrocarbonate-magnesium-calcium weakly acidic thermal waters and sulfide silt mud, which are highly effective in treating diseases of the digestive system, blood circulation, respiration, urinary and endocrine system, metabolism. The mineral waters of the Arshan resort have a wide range of temperatures: from cold (11-13 ° C) to hot (45 ° C). According to the chemical composition, mineral waters, according to the classification of V.A.Aleksandrov, belong to the 1st class, being carbon dioxide with a high gas content.

The complex spa treatment uses drinking of Arshan mineral water, balneotherapy (baths, healing showers, irrigation), climatotherapy, diet therapy, physiotherapy, paraffin-ozokeritotherapy, therapeutic gymnastics, massage, inhalations, halotherapy and modern diagnostic methods.

Water is used for baths and drinking, bottled. Treatment of patients with diseases of the digestive system, blood circulation, as well as metabolic disorders. Sanatorium, clinic, bathroom building, rest houses. Season - all year round.

The head physician of the Arshan resort, Vladimir Ivanovich Songolov.

One of the largest waterfalls on the Kyngarga River is located half an hour walk from the village. There are over 30 breathing volcanoes in the vicinity of Arshan. They were last erupted in the Mesozoic era, but due to the presence of hot springs, they are not considered completely extinct. Nearby are the mineral springs Suburga, Papiy Arshan, Pearls, Khongor-Ula.