Brosno Lake Dragon, Russia

Location: Lake Brosno, North- West of Andreapol, Tver Oblast   Map

Elevation: 243 meters

Length: 10.8 km

Wide: 4 km

Area: 7.2 sq km

Shore length 16.2 km

Maximum depth: 41.5 m

Average Length: 17 m


Description of the Brosno Lake Dragon

The Brosno monster is a cryptid like a dragon, according to local beliefs, supposedly living in Lake Brosno in the Tver region of Russia. The monster is known from the words of “eyewitnesses” of local residents, most of them talk about the lizard in words, but some, supposedly, were even “lucky” to take photographs of it.

According to eyewitness descriptions, this creature is scaly, like a reptile, measuring at least five meters.

It all started with legends and myths

This story began, as usual, with a legend. In ancient Rus', people believed that a monster living at the bottom was taking revenge on everyone who came to Russian land with unkind thoughts. The first who knew the righteous anger of the monster, according to references, was the leader of the robbers, who planned to transport the stolen goods across the lake.

As soon as the loaded ship was on the water, a terrible creature with a huge mouth rose from the depths and began to destroy the vessel, simultaneously devouring all the bad people. Since then, Lake Brosno has gained a bad reputation.

However, in ancient times people could sincerely believe in something creepy and frightening, because they simply did not understand what was really happening. Time passed, and now in modern Russia, talk about a terrible lake began.

According to another legend, Batu’s troops stopped at the shore of the lake. At night, the warriors heard a strong splash of water, and then saw a huge monster climb ashore and attack the people. The army fled in horror. The Khan considered this a bad sign and ordered the army to retreat. This version may have a completely logical explanation. The fact is that in the Middle Ages a large road was built along the lake. It is quite possible that foreign merchants, having learned about the Mongol invasion, simply asked for all their goods and ran away. Among this goodness there could have been exotic overseas animals, including small crocodiles. In medieval castles throughout Europe you will find the skulls of dragons killed by St. George. In fact, these are crocodiles that once lived with rich people.


Modern Russia

According to the stories of local residents, during the Great Patriotic War, the monster swallowed a German pilot who ejected from a downed plane into the waters of Lake Brosno. Some claim to have seen the scaly head of the monster above the surface of the lake even today.

In 1992, a resident of one of the surrounding villages saw “something” reminiscent of an ancient dinosaur, about 5 meters long, basking on the coastal sand.

In 2001, word quickly spread that a monster had allegedly killed a little girl, right in front of her parents. There were rumors that one day a boat washed ashore, containing the bodies of several young people. According to the stories, all three faces were distorted with horror. All these stories created fear among the villagers.



The Brosno monster gained mass popularity after the publication of an article about it in the weekly magazine “Karavan + Ya”. The weekly's correspondents repeatedly went on expeditions to the lake, but they did not receive any documentary evidence of the existence of the monster.
In June 2002, on the TNT channel, in the Segodnychko program, the reality show “Behind the Monster” was broadcast on weekdays. In it, a group of volunteers tried to find the monster of Lake Brosno by interviewing residents and exploring the area. However, by the final episode of the show, they were still unable to obtain solid evidence of the monster's existence. They found huge beaver dams in the forest, which allowed them to assume that local residents mistook a large beaver for the monster. It was also found that hydrogen sulfide hydrates, formed from the remains of plants in local forests, accumulate under the bottom of Lake Brosno. They are under pressure from the water column, but as soon as you “disturb” them with a thrown anchor or something else, they immediately float to the surface, bubbling and exploding. The processes in the lake are close in their mechanism to gas volcanism, as a result of which some people could be knocked over from boats and they, in fear, mistook what was happening for a monster attack.
On the TNT channel, an investigation into the phenomenon of the Brosnensky monster was shown in the program “Inexplicable, but true” (episode “Lake of Madness”).
Cosmopoisk expeditions have repeatedly visited the lake. Research was carried out using echo sounders, a helicopter for aerial reconnaissance, with the involvement of scuba divers, etc. Based on materials from expeditions of 2002-2007, it was concluded that the so-called Brosno monster is accumulations of gas emerging from the depths of the lake to the surface.