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Location: Moscow Oblast


10 largest cities of Russia
St. Petersburg
Nizhny Novgorod







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Description of Dmitrov

Dmitrov is a medieval town situated 65 km (40 mi) North of Moscow. Dmitrov was founded in 1154 by Yury Dolgoruky (Yury Long-hand) at the site where his son Vsevolod the Big Nest was born. Its name is derived from Vsevolod's patron saint St. Demetrius. It was given town rights in 1374. During the early 16th century Dmitrov flourished and the Assumption Cathedral in the kremlin and the monastery cathedral of Sts. Boris and Gleb were constructed. However, in 1569 the city was seized by the secret police "Oprichnina" and went into a decline, which was further accelerated during the "Time of Troubles", when the city was sacked by Polish troops. The city was on the frontier during both the Napoleonic wars and World War II (known as the first and second great patriotic wars in Russia). The renowned Russian anarchist Piotr Kropotkin resided in the city between the Russian revolution in 1917 and his death in 1921. During the 1930s the Moscow channel was constructed, passing through the western part of Dmitrov.



Travel Destinations in Dmitrov

In the center there is a large number of cathedrals. With the exception of cathedrals, almost all the rest of the buildings are typical panel houses of regional series. There are very few pre-revolutionary houses.

Dmitrov Kremlin

st. Zagorskaya, 17. Open: 10: 00-17: 00. Entrance fee: 170 rub. for visiting all buildings. Includes several buildings, you can buy a ticket to visit all at once.

Boris and Gleb Monastery



Assumption Cathedral (XVI century).
Sretenskaya Church (1814), st. Professional, 65.
Trinity Church of Tikhvin (1795-1801), st. Pushkinskaya, 17.
Kazan Church (1735), st. Podlipichye, 8.
Vvedenskaya Church (1763-1768), st. Staro-Rogachev, 47.
Prison Elizabethan Church (1897).

Historic houses
House-Museum of Kropotkin.
The house of the merchant and the mayor of Voznychikhin.
House Klyatov.
House Novoselova.
House Tolchenov-Tugarinov.
Tugarinovskaya poorhouse.

Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky
Monument to Cyril and Methodius
Monument to P. A. Kropotkin
Monument to Boris and Gleb

Dmitrov Drama Theater "Big Nest".
City Children's Theater Studio "Snow White".
Roller School Wheels Master (teaching roller skating at the school Wheels Master), Moscow Region, Dmitrov, ul. Professional, 25 (Park "Extreme"). ☎ +7 (926) 927-35-80. Roller School Wheels Master is a community of professionals and lovers of outdoor activities in an urban setting. School teachers are certified by the National League of Instructors and provide training for both beginners and advanced rollers. Training programs for adults and children, as well as the schedule of summer roller skating courses are described in detail on the school’s official website.


Outskirts of Dmitrov

Museum of the history of the channel. Moscow in the village of Dedenevo, st. Komsomolskaya, house 27 (st. Tourist Savyolovsky direction, from Dmitrov (more than 45 minutes): on weekdays 9.20-12, 14-15, 18.30-19.20, 21-22; From 20-20-20.10; from Iksha on weekdays 9.20- 10.10, 11.40-14.40, 15.40-16.40 or buses 32 (8 per day mostly before lunch), 43 (3 per day), 401 (about 2 per hour) from Dmitrov or Iksha, 54 (3 per day) from Dmitrov. Located next to the gateway number 4 in the administrative building of the Yakhroma district of hydraulic structures. The museum contains exhibits telling about the construction of the canal, its role in the Second World War and use today.



History of Dmitrov

Dmitrov was originally founded by Yury Dolgoruky in 1154, where his son Vsevolod was born. Its name is explained by the fact that Vsevolod's patron saint was St. Demetrius.

In the 13th century, the settlement marked a point where the borders of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Tver, and Pereslavl-Zalessky converged. The settlement itself belonged to the princes of Galich-Mersky, located much to the north, until 1364, when it was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Moscow. Both Dmitry Donskoy and his grandson Vasily II granted Dmitrov as an appanage to their younger sons, so Dmitrov was the capital of a tiny principality. In 1374, it was given town rights.

The reign of Ivan III's son Yury Ivanovich (1503–1533) inaugurated the golden age of Dmitrov. It is during his reign that the black-domed Assumption Cathedral in the kremlin and a smaller monastery cathedral of Sts. Boris and Gleb were built. Thereafter, the town passed to Yury's brother, Andrey of Staritsa. In 1569, it was seized from Vladimir of Staritsa, added to the Oprichnina and consequently went into a decline. The town suffered further damage during the Time of Troubles, when it was ransacked by the Poles.

In 1812, Dmitrov was briefly occupied by the French Grande Armée (Great Army). In 1941 another invers the German Army or Wehrmacht soldiers were stopped on the outskirts of the town. The Anarchist prince Peter Kropotkin spent his last years there. In the 1930s, the local kremlin was excavated by Soviet archaeologists.





How to get there
By plane
The nearest airport to the city is Moscow - Sheremetyevo.

By train
By train (from Savyolovsky station in Moscow) to the following stations: Dmitrov, Dubna, Savylovo, Verbilki, Taldom. The journey time of an ordinary train is about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and a comfortable express train - 1 hour.

By car
From Moscow by Dmitrovskoye highway, a distance of about 65 kilometers.

By bus
From Moscow from the metro station "Altufevo".

On the ship
Dmitrov is located on the Moscow Canal, the port is abolished. Motor ships and passenger ships do not stop in the city.


Hotels, motels and where to sleep

Four Crowns Hotel (Четыре короны), Liry Nikolskoy ul., 7, ☎ +7 495 222-75-36.
Gostinitsa Kristall (Кристалл), Professionalnaya ul., 28, ☎ +7 495 286-49-11.
Hotel Princess Frog, Professionalnaya st., 23, ☎ +7 495 640-77-38


Restaurant, taverns and where to eat

McDonald's, Dmitrov, st. Professionalnaya, 3a. 7.00-24.00.
Samurai Sushi Bar


Cultural (and not so cultural) events



Interesting information and useful tips

Cell phone connection

Company sales and service center Megafon, Professional Street, 8B (Albatross shopping center, 3rd floor). Mon — Sun 10: 00–20: 00





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