Kadykchan, Russia

The city of Kadykchan, built by prisoners during the war, today could be considered abandoned if, according to official data, 4 people did not live in it. We did not meet these four in the city, but we got acquainted with the local colorful landscapes of an abandoned once-working town.

The city Kadykchan got its name in honor of the word "kadagach", meaning a small gorge or gorge. This is a non-residential urban-type settlement in the Susumansky district of the Magadan region.

In winter, it is harsh and deserted here, the temperature reaches minus 50 degrees of cold. But during the summer months, the heat is fierce.

Although this town is considered non-residential, but as I noted earlier, four residents are registered and live in it. Kadykchan is considered an official subject of Russia and is marked on maps as an urban-type settlement with houses indicated.

The city was founded in wartime during the Second World War in 1943. It was built by the forces of the prisoners of the local camps of Magadan. There were rumors that this city was built by political prisoners, from which local residents, harsh miners and employees of local mining enterprises, experienced some discomfort in Soviet times. After all, the whole of Magadan in Soviet times was "places not so remote", considered a place of exile and a place of strict regime colonies.

The inhabitants of this city called themselves - Kadykchane, Kadykchanin, Kadykchanka, Kadykchantsy. The postal code of the town - 686350 - is printed on the mailboxes.



The city arose during the Great Patriotic War as a working settlement at the enterprise for the extraction of coal from the Arkagalinsky deposit. The mine and the settlement were built by prisoners, among whom was the writer Varlam Shalamov[3]. Mining was carried out underground from depths of up to 400 meters. Coal was used mainly at the Arkagalinskaya GRES. The village arose in stages, so it was secretly divided into three parts: Old, New and Newest Kadykchan. Old Kadykchan is closest to the highway, Novy surrounds the city-forming mine (No. 10), and Newest is 2-4 kilometers away from both the highway and the mine and is the main residential village (with its construction, Old and New Kadykchan were used more and more for conducting farms (greenhouses, gardens, pigsties, etc.)). In the east there was another coal mine (popularly - "seven", No. 7, which was abandoned in 1992).

In November 1996, an explosion occurred at the mine, killing six people. The mine was closed after the explosion. People began to be evicted from the village, giving them from 80 to 120 thousand rubles for resettlement, depending on the length of service. In 2001, the houses were mothballed, disconnected from heat and electricity. However, even in 2001, four streets remained residential in the village (Lenin, Stroiteley, Shkolnaya (there was an automatic telephone exchange) and Yuzhnaya (the house farthest from the center) and one house along Mira Street (which housed a clinic, and by that time a hospital). , as well as utilities).In 2010, the village was completely empty.


How to get to Kadykchan

 Geographically, Kadykchan is located in the basin of the Ayan-Yuryakh River (a tributary of the Kolyma), 65 km northwest of the city of Susuman, on the famous highway Magadan - Ust-Nera. This road was built by prisoners and in the people it is called the Kolyma tract. Since the early 2000s, Kadykchan has been abandoned and is a strange ghost town where you can meet tourists and travelers, traces of cars, dogs and, according to the census, 4 local residents.