Kalyazin, Russia

Kalyazin is a city (since 1775) in the Tver region of Russia. The administrative center of the Kalyazin district, which forms a municipal entity the city of Kalyazin with the status of an urban settlement as the only settlement in its composition.



1  Bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral.
2  Radio telescope RT-64.
3  Monument to St. Macarius of Kalyazin.
4  Church of the Ascension.
5  Monument to Mikhail Skopin-Shuisky.
6 Kalyazin Museum of Local Lore, Nogina Square, 1.


How to get there

Kalyazin is located away from the main transport routes.

By train
Train No. 602Ya Moscow - Rybinsk in 2019 runs only on Wednesdays and Fridays and arrives in Kalyazin in the morning. Train dates vary from year to year, as does frequency, which will decrease significantly in 2020. The train (No. 601Ya) goes towards Moscow via Uglich on Sunday evenings. Ticket price from 1300 rubles.

The schedule of all commuter trains between Savelovo, Kalyazin, Uglich and Sonkovo in 2015 has two options - one for Thursday and Sunday and the other for all other days of the week. Between Savelovo and Kalyazin there are 2 pairs of commuter trains per day on all days. There are one pair of trains a day between Kalyazin and Uglich, in the first half of the day to Uglich, back in the afternoon. These trains can run from both Kalyazin and Savelov on different days.

There are one pair of trains a day between Sonkovo and Kalyazin, early in the morning from Sonkovo to Savelovo, back in the evening. As elsewhere in Russia, the schedule is subject to change, including cancellation.

As of the winter of 2015, in order to travel by agreed commuter trains from Moscow to Kalyazin, you need to leave Moscow by train to Savelov, departing from Savyolovsky station at 09:09 (daily), 14:08 (Thursday, Sunday), 16: 39 (except Thursday and Sunday).

1  Railway station. The wooden station burned down in December 2012 and, as of 2022, has not been rebuilt. The station has only a few benches with roofs and wind protection.

By car
From Moscow follow the M8 Yaroslavskoye Highway to Sergiev Posad, then follow the signs to P104 Uglichskoye Highway to Kalyazin.

By bus
According to 2015 data, Kalyazin can be reached by buses:
No. 968 Moscow (AS Tushinskaya) - Kalyazin - Kashin, 4-5 per day, more flights in the morning (early in the morning from Kashin, in the morning from Moscow). In Kalyazin they follow Kominterna Street without stopping at the bus station. About 4 o'clock. Price 500 rubles.
by Nordexpress buses Moscow (metro Botanical Garden) - Kalyazin - Rybinsk, 2-4 per day, (1 per day daily via Sheremetyevo airport, 1 per day on Fridays from/to the Pushkino railway station, agreed with the express to Moscow). Departure in Kalyazin from Karl Marx Street, at the intersection with Kominterna Street. 2 day flights operate daily, night and evening flights operate every day with different schedules. About 4 o'clock.
by buses Sergiev Posad - Nerl - Kalyazin - Kashin (4 per day, 2 No. 122 to Kalyazin, 2 No. 970 to Kashin). Departure from the initial stations between 5 and 18 hours. Those passing by Kashin can follow Kominterna Street. From Sergiev Posad 2 hours, from Kashin 1 hour.
by bus Tver - Kashin - Kalyazin, 3-4 per day. Departure from Kalyazin from 6 to 16 hours, from Tver from 10 to 17 hours. In Kashin you can follow the bypass road. 4 hours.

On the ship
Tourist and cruise ships passing along the Volga, as a rule, do not stop at the Kalyazin pier.



Canteen at the dormitory of the mechanical engineering college.

Average cost
Cafe "Van"
Cafe "Victoria"
Cafe "Abrikol"

Restaurant "Famp"
Cafe "Visit"
Bike club
Yacht Club



Average cost
Holiday house Tolstoukhovo

Hotel "Volga"



It is located on the right bank of the Volga (Uglich reservoir), 191 km from Moscow and 162 km from Tver. Within the city is the mouth of the Puda River and the Zhabnya River, the right tributary of the Volga.



The name of Kalyazin (in ancient times Kolyazin) is associated, according to one version, with the boyar Ivan Kolyaga, a wealthy local landowner who, having lost his family, went to the Trinity Macarius Monastery and transferred all his possessions to him (this is stated in the “Life of St. Macarius”) . His nickname was derived from the Old Russian word "kolyaga", which is based on the word "kolo" (circle) and which has a number of meanings in different Russian dialects. According to another version, the name of the city may be associated with the Finno-Ugric word “kola”, that is, “fish”.



Located on the bend, the right bank of the Volga (Uglich Reservoir) at the confluence of the Zhabnya River. The mouth of the Puda River is also located within the city limits.



Mentions in the annals of the first settlement (the monastery of St. Nicholas on Zhabna), located on the site of the present Kalyazin, date back to the 12th century. In 1339, the fortified town of Svyatoslavl Pole is mentioned in the annals, which was a fortress on the eastern border of the Tver principality. The importance of the settlement increased with the founding in the 15th century of the Kalyazinsko-Troitsky (Makarievsky) monastery on the opposite bank of the Volga.

Around 1468, the city was visited by Afanasy Nikitin, who mentioned it in his travel notes “Walking across the Three Seas”. At the end of the 17th century, the young Peter I made his "amusing trips" to the monastery area.

At the end of the 17th century, the Kalyazinskaya submonastic and Nikolskaya settlements, as well as the village of Pirogovo, were merged into one Kalyazinskaya settlement.

In 1609, a Russian militia was formed under Kalyazin under the leadership of Mikhail Skopin-Shuisky, and an important victory over the Polish-Lithuanian army was won in the battle of Kalyazin.

In 1775, by decree of Catherine II, the settlement was given the status of a district town.

In the 18th-19th centuries, Kalyazin was a significant trade center, fairs were held twice a year. Since the end of the 19th century, the construction of ships, blacksmithing, felting and lacework have been developing.

Soviet power in Kalyazin was established on December 27, 1917 (January 9, 1918), when the county congress of Soviets recognized Soviet power.

In 1939-1940, part of the territory of the old city, including all the main monuments of history and architecture, was flooded during the construction of the Uglich hydroelectric power station.



In Kalyazin there are: Kalyazin Machine-Building Plant (a branch of JSC RSK MiG), a bakery, a felted shoe production plant, a sewing enterprise, a flax processing enterprise, and a vinegar and essence production enterprise.

As of May 2010, mobile communications in the city were represented by the following operators: Beeline, MegaFon (including 3G), MTS, Tele2.

In Kalyazin there is the Kalyazin Radio Astronomy Observatory, where a powerful radio telescope RT-64 with a reflector diameter of 64 meters is installed.


City life

Among the educational institutions in the city, there are four schools (one of them is specialized), a pedagogical school, a mechanical engineering college and a vocational school. Published: the informational and political regional newspaper “Forward”, the newspaper “Vestnik” of the Kalyazinsky district administration, the newspaper of announcements and advertisements “Everything for you Kashin, Kalyazin”.

There is a local history museum in the ancient Epiphany Church (architectural, ceramic, sculptural fragments and paintings of the Kalyazin-Trinity Monastery; applied art of the 18th - 19th centuries). Before the flooding of the old part of the city, it was located on the territory of the Makaryev Monastery.

In 2018, the Volgari Museum opened at the pier where cruise ships dock. The museum's exhibition, housed in five halls, presents various items telling about the history of the city, especially the old, flooded part, and about urban trades and crafts.

In 2018, another tourist attraction appeared on the territory of the yacht club - a snail farm with a tasting room, which is open to the public at any time of the year.

In 2020, the Kalyazin residents’ improvement project won a federal grant worth 50 million rubles in the All-Russian competition for small towns and historical settlements.



On May 30, 2008, an International Kickboxing Tournament was held in Kalyazin, at which a resident of the city, Giorgi Amirgulashvili, won the title of European Kickboxing Champion (full contact) in the heavyweight division among professionals, taking away this title from an athlete from Turkey, active (until May 30) ISKA European champion Erkan Karakusak.

The Volna football club, which plays in the 3rd league of the Tver region, is based in Kalyazin.



Main article: Il-18 crash near Kalyazin
On November 19, 2001, at 21:19 Moscow time, 15 km southeast of Kalyazin near the village of Zakharovka, an Il-18 plane crashed while performing a charter flight on the Khatanga-Moscow route. As a result of the disaster, 7 crew members and 18 passengers were killed.