Khoyto-Gol, Russia

Khoyto-Gol (Bur. Khoyto gol - "northern river, valley") is an ulus in the Tunkinsky region of Buryatia. Forms a rural settlement "Khoyto-Gol". The city is located in the Khoytogol depression on the left bank of the Ikhe-Ukhgun river (left tributary of the Irkut), 53 km west of the district center - the village of Kyren.



Administration of a rural settlement, secondary school, kindergarten, medical outpatient clinic. post office.



Logging and processing of wood, personal subsidiary plots.


Tours to hot springs of Khoyto-Gol availble


1 day. Meeting in Irkutsk.
Transfer to the Okinskaya Valley. 500 km - 300 km asphalt and 200 dirt road. The route goes from Irkutsk - 100 km to Lake Baikal and further west to Mongolia. Lunch at a cafe. We cross the Okinskoe Plateau 2200m. To the Soyot country - Okinsky district. Overnight stay on the banks of the Oka River, 15 km from Orlik village - night fishing in the pit. Or in case of bad weather in the house of the village of Orlik.

2nd day. Transfer in the Urals or jeeps - 60 km up the Sentsy River. The peaks of the Sayan Mountains float by. We drive deeper and deeper to the border of Tuva and Buryatia, to the watershed of the Yenisei and Angara. We overcome the Huthel swamp. The road ceases to be languid and for 2 hours we have to learn all the delights of the off-road Sayan Dakar! We arrive at the Hoito Gol springs. Evening swimming. Fishermen are preparing for fishing or are already fishing.

3rd day. A group going on a route to the Valley of the Volcanoes along one of the routes goes on a journey. In short: there are two options on foot or on horseback from the Hoito Gol springs. In three - four days, you can make a truncated version of the horse trip to the Valley of Volcanoes and the Zhoigan springs
On foot with a load on horses - the journey will take at least three days. Day there - a day in the Valley of the Volcanoes and a day back. If desired, return is possible by another route.
Those left after morning exercise and breakfast go to the nearest accessible peak for an easy ascent and trek. Orange path on the map. We will conquer Peak 2703m. On our return we will soak in the hot springs.

4th day. We will take a walk to the lakes Khabshu Nur 2210 and the pass of the same name. Red path on the map. Fishermen go in the evening for the night - rafting and fishing on the Sentsa River. Return in the morning.

Day 5. We will make a trek to the border of Tuva and Buryatia to the Khoyto Daban pass - the green path on the map. Fishermen go in the evening for the night - rafting and fishing on the Sentsa River. Return in the morning.

6th day. After breakfast, the group moves 15 km to the beginning of the rafting
along the Sentsy river. The river is calm. It flows among the high peaks. Constantly meandering - turns steeply to the left and right. Very picturesque!

7 day. Rafting down the Sentsa river.
Day 8. Rafting on the Sentsa river.
Day 9. Moving to the Zhom Boloka Valley - 50 km. We fall on a plateau of solidified lava. The Zhom Bolok river flows through the valley, which has a huge tourist potential! We are located at the raft camp at 42 avenue. In a picturesque meadow. Overnight.

Day 10. Rafting on the Zhom Bolok river cascade. We pass the Zhom Bolok river cascade.
Threshold Billiards 4x. Children and non-rafting - shore crew - photo and insurance or walk in the meadows and to the Olon Nur lakes.

Day 11. Once again, an enchanting rafting along the Zhom Bolok river cascade. These are the best moments for a tourist water manager - to walk right off the cascade of the Zhom Bolok river! We leave for the village. Orlik. We spend the night in the pit.
12th day. We leave for Irkutsk