Konstantinovo, Russia


Description of Konstantinovo

Konstantinovo is a village in the Rybnovsky district of the Ryazan region. Located on the picturesque high right bank of the Oka 43 kilometers north-west of Ryazan. Konstantinovo is famous for the fact that Russian poet Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin was born here on October 3, 1895 (in a new style). In Konstantinov passed the childhood and youth of the poet. In the central part of the village there is the State Museum-Reserve of S. A. Yesenin.


History of Konstantinovo

The history of the village Konstantinovo has about 400 years. The first mention of it dates back to 1619, the village was then the property of the royal family. A few decades later it was granted Myshetsky and Volkonsky.

Most of the village belonged Jacob Myshetsky, who gave him a dowry to his daughter Natalia, when she married Kirill Alekseevich Naryshkin.

In 1728, the owner of Konstantinovo was the son of Kirill Alekseevich Semyon Kirillovich Naryshkin. He received a brilliant European education, consisted in the diplomatic service. Not having direct descendants in 1775, bequeathed Konstantinovo to his nephew Alexander Mikhailovich Golitsyn.

In 1779 a stone church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God was erected with the funds of Golitsyn. In 1808, the estate passed on to an extra-marital daughter, Catherine Alexandrovna, in marriage to Dolgorukova.

According to her testament, in 1843 her nephews Alexander Dmitrievich and Vladimir Dmitrievich Olsufievs became the owners of the village. After 2 years, they divided the aunt's inheritance, and the eldest of the brothers, Alexander Dmitrievich, began to single-handedly manage the estate. His son, Vladimir Alexandrovich Olsufiev (1829–1867), inherited in 1853.

A significant event in the lives of the peasants of the village of Konstantinovo was the manifesto of 1861, when they received personal freedom. At this time, 680 revision souls of the village of Konstantinovo received into their ownership 1,400 acres 740 fathoms of land; they paid 72,945 rubles for their ransom.

The village was in the possession of the Olsufyevs until 1879, when it passed into the possession of the Kupriyanov merchants from Bogoroditsk - Sergey, Alexander and Nikolai Grigorievich.

The eldest of the brothers, Sergey (1843 (?) - 1923), built a local school, did much to educate peasant children.

In 1897, the Moscow millionaire, owner of apartment houses on the Khitrov market, “hereditary honorary citizen of Moscow” Ivan Petrovich Kulakov, became the owner of the house and the estate.

Kulakov built a new school building, decorated the temple with a wooden oak iconostasis. According to the order of the Bishop of Ryazan and Zaraisky Nicodemus (Bokov), he was buried in the church fence. After the death of his father in 1911, Lidia Ivanovna became the mistress, in marriage Kashin. She continued her parent's charity work.

Since 1917, a new historical period began in the life of the village of Konstantinovo.