Krasnodar, Russia


Krasnodar (until 1920 - Yekaterinodar) is a city in southern Russia, located on the right bank of the Kuban River, at a distance of 120 km from the Black Sea (by road from the village of Dzhubga), 140 kilometers from the Sea of ​​Azov (by road from the village of Golubitskaya) and 1300 km south of Moscow (along the M-4 "Don" highway) Go to the section "Geography" Administrative center of Krasnodar region. Together with the adjacent rural settlements, the city of Krasnodar forms a municipal entity with the status of an urban district. Go to the section "Administrative division"

A large economic and cultural center of the North Caucasus and the Southern Federal District, the center of the historical and geographical region of Kuban. Unofficially called the capital of the Kuban, as well as the capital of the South of Russia.

The population of the city is constantly growing, currently (for 2020) it is 932 629 people. The population of the urban district (with subordinate rural settlements) is 1,022,028 inhabitants (for 2020).


Getting here

By plane
You can fly to Krasnodar International Airport from many cities of Russia, countries of near and far abroad. It is the largest hub of local and international airlines in the south of Russia in terms of traffic. During the summer period, the number of flights increases significantly.

1 Krasnodar (Pashkovsky) International Airport (IATA: KRR), st. them. Evdokia Bershanskaya, 355 (on the eastern outskirts of the city, 12 km from the center). ☎ 8-800-333-19-91. Passenger transportation is carried out through two passenger terminals: the domestic air terminal (terminal 1), the international air terminal (terminal 2). There is also a separate VIP terminal (Terminal 3).

VIP room
Medical and veterinary services
Car rental Euporcar (+7(909) 424 2720)
Luggage packing (350 rubles),
Operating cash desk and currency exchange office of CB "Kuban Credit", ATMs of 3 banks, payment terminals
Free Wi-Fi "Airport_Free" throughout the airport complex; registration using a phone with a Russian SIM card
Luggage storage is open around the clock, without a lunch break, located on the station square (to the right of the trolleybus stop), the cost of luggage storage is 200-350 rubles per day.

On the 2nd floor there are several shops selling souvenirs, jewelry, printed publications, a souvenir shop of FC Kuban.

There are also several catering establishments on the forecourt: the Shokoladnitsa coffee house (09.00 - 21.00), the Voyage cafe (07.00 - 01.00, first and second courses, snacks, salads, drinks) and the airport canteen (08:00 - 20:00 , first and second courses, salads, drinks, grilled dishes (barbecue, steak, vegetables, mushrooms)). In the departure hall of domestic flights: coffee house "Shokoladnitsa" (08.00 - 22.00), cafeteria "TeaKoff" (07.00 - 20.00, a selection of tea and coffee), pizzeria "Bella Napoli" (round the clock, Italian cuisine, dishes for both light breakfast and for a hearty lunch or dinner).

Opposite the airport complex is the Krasnodar Airport Hotel.

How to get there
All public transport departs from the station square:
Bus number 7 (journey time 1 hour to the city center) follows through the street. North, st. Krasnaya, auto and railway station "Krasnodar-II", cinema "Aurora", shopping center "Castorama".
Trolleybus No. 7 (travel time 1 hour) or fixed-route taxi No. 53 (travel time 40 minutes) - to the Krasnodar-1 railway station.
Minibus taxi number 15 follows through the street. Stavropolskaya, auto and railway station "Krasnodar-1", st. Krasnaya, auto and railway station "Krasnodar-II", cinema "Aurora", shopping center "Red Square" (travel time 1.5 hours).
Taxi. In the arrivals hall of the terminal, there are dispatch desks of the taxi companies TK Five Sevens and Phaeton. Also, at the exit from the airport, a large number of annoying taxi drivers await. Prices to the city start from 600 rubles.

By train
Most trains (all in winter) of the Adler/Sochi direction pass by Krasnodar. Also, part of the trains to Novorossiysk and Anapa pass through Krasnodar. Thanks to these resort towns, Krasnodar can be reached from almost anywhere in Russia and the CIS. A transfer car Berlin - Adler runs. In winter, the passenger train Moscow Belorusskaya - Krasnodar-I runs. There are several high-speed electric trains from Rostov-on-Don, Adler, Mineralnye Vody and Maikop.

2 Krasnodar-1 railway station (in the city center on the same square as the central bus station). ☎ +7 (861) 262-08-73, 262-08-87. Medium sized building with a small, often crowded waiting room. Inside there are several stalls selling the simplest food, water and souvenirs. In the southern part of the platform, a snack bar "Meeting" is open, where hot meals are promised.
3  Station "Krasnodar-II". ☎ +7 (861) 214-77-44, 262-08-87. used for commuter traffic.

By car
From Moscow, take the M4, E115 "Don" highway through the bypass road of Voronezh, before Rostov-on-Don, check into the overpass on Aksai, then to Krasnodar. The distance is about 1500 kilometers. Entrance to the city from the northwest side.

By bus
All major cities of the South of Russia and all cities of the Krasnodar Territory have a bus connection with Krasnodar: Novorossiysk (3 hours), Anapa (3.5 hours), as well as with the cities of the Republic of Crimea and Rostov (5 hours, 7 departures per day). Private buses Moscow - Krasnodar and Yerevan - Krasnodar run.

4   Krasnodar Bus Station, Privokzalnaya Square, 5 (opposite the Krasnodar-1 railway station). ☎ +7 (861) 262-51-44, 262-42-71, 262-42-11. In a cramped building on the north side of the station square, only two dozen chairs, three ATMs and several cash desks fit in, queues for which take up all the free space. In the courtyard, next to the platforms, there are two more cash desks, an information desk, a left-luggage office, a kiosk with pies and a deli with a standard assortment of products. More solid food can be found outside the station grounds, in the northeast corner of the square, where there are several eateries.
5  Krasnodar-2 bus station (next to Krasnodar-2 railway station). ☎ +7 (861) 255-06-18, 259-14-62.
6 Bus station "Yuzhny", st. Zakharova, 1. ☎ +7 (861) 262-03-98, 262-04-18.

On the ship
The nearest ports (about 140 km): Anapa, Novorossiysk, Temryuk.


Around the city

Public transport in Krasnodar has a developed network of trams, trolleybuses, city buses, this is the most popular and cheapest mode of transport. The fare is 28 rubles, the transport card is 450 rubles (360 rubles with a balance on the card).

However, it also has its drawbacks: severe congestion during peak hours in the morning and evening, as well as deviations from the schedule during times of heavy snow or rain. In such cases, it is best to use the services of minibuses and taxis.

The city also has popular transport services Gett, Rutaxi, Uber and Yandex-taxi.

The exotic modes of transport here include a private ferry connecting the village of Novy on the Adyghe bank of the Kuban River with the city.



The historic center of the city has been well preserved since it was built up in the late 19th - early 20th century. The central street of the city is Krasnaya, along which most of the sights of Krasnodar are located.

1  Water-pressure tower engineer Shukhov V.G., st. Rashpilevskaya, 149. 1929-1932 Architectural monument. One of the world's first hyperboloid structures, one of the seven surviving towers of the system of engineer Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov, or rather its supporting frame: the tank itself was dismantled. Currently, almost the entire block is occupied by the shopping center "Gallery", only the southeastern "patch" with a tower has remained unbuilt, which was not allowed to be demolished by its federal protection status.
2 House of M. S. Kuznetsov, Krasnaya Street, 18. Now the building of the Conservatory. 1888-1900. Federal monument of architecture.
3  Krasnodar Philharmonic (Winter Theatre). 1908 Federal monument of architecture.
4 Alexander Triumphal Arch (Royal Gates). Wikidata Element It was built in 1888 in pseudo-Russian style in honor of the arrival of Emperor Alexander in the city. The arch was demolished in 1928, but was recreated from photographs in 2009.
5  Monument to Great Martyr Catherine (next to the Arc de Triomphe). Installed in 2009.
6  Color Musical Fountain, Theater Square..

7 St. Catherine's Cathedral, st. Kommunarov, 52. 1914 An architectural monument. The largest temple building in the Kuban. Unfortunately, after the war, it was built up on all sides with four-story residential buildings, which worsened the view of this monument.
8 Ilyinsky Church (St. Elias Church), Oktyabrskaya street, 149 / Pashkovskaya street, 47. 1907
9 Ensemble Yekaterinodar Theological Seminary, st. Frunze, 67. With the Holy Trinity Cathedral included in it 10 ☎ +7 861 259-30-02. 🕑 7:00–19:00.
11 Church of St. George, st. Severnaya, 384. 1895-1900

Monuments and sculptures
12 Catherine's Square with a monument to Catherine the Great. The monument was erected in 1906 and dedicated to the centenary of the Cossacks' resettlement to the Kuban.
13  Monument to the Cossacks.
14  Monument "Zaporizhzhya Cossacks write a letter to the Turkish Sultan."
15  Monument to the wallet.
16  Obelisk in honor of the bicentenary of the Kuban Cossack army. Erected for the celebration in 1896 of the 200th anniversary of the Kuban Cossack army. Opened in 1897. Destroyed in the early 1930s, restored in 1999.
17  Sculpture of Shurik and Lida (Students). Oct 2019
18  Monument to the Traveler.
19  Sculpture "Walking Dogs". One of the strangest monuments in Russia.
20  Sculpture "Aurora".


What to do

A boat trip along the Kuban River, departure from the pier in the park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory and from the pier on Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya Street, 39.  about 200 rubles. Hourly (along the embankment) and five-hour (to the locks of the Krasnodar reservoir) boat trips. The river is not too wide, so the views are not the most impressive, but pleasant. Navigation season from April to mid-October.
Thematic tours around Krasnodar. The city administration has developed several excursion and cultural programs: a sightseeing tour "Meet Krasnodar", "Ekaterinodar - a Cossack city", "Domes over the city", "Architecture of Krasnodar", "Literary Krasnodar". Duration of each excursion: 2.5–3 hours.
1 Krasnodar circus, st. Rashpilevskaya, 147. ☎ +7 (861) 255-84-89 (ticket office). 500-800 rub. Classic Soviet circus. The performances are interesting, the condition of the building is C-grade: everything is clean, but it is clear that repairs have long been needed.
2  Visit the game of BC Lokomotiv-Kuban, st. Prigorodnaya, 24, Krasnodar Basket Hall. Basket Hall is the home ground of the Lokomotiv Kuban basketball team. In addition to sports competitions, the Basket Hall hosts concerts, exhibitions, fairs and other public events.
3  Ice arena.
4 Oceanarium "Ocean Park", st. Uralskaya, 98 (TRK "Galaktika"). ☎ +7 (861) 201-25-11, 24-763. 10:00-22:00. Adult 450 rubles, children (from 4 to 13 years old inclusive) - 300 rubles. There is a tunnel with small sharks and dozens of species of smaller fish and marine life. In general, it gives the impression of an institution created to make money, and not to demonstrate something interesting. And if it weren’t for the feeding of predatory piranhas (which take place every day at 18:30) and the rather long excursion that follows it, as well as the scuba diver’s dives (which take place throughout the day), then one could not go here.
Zoocollection "Lynx" of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya St., 128 (territory of the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs). ☎ 8 (861) 258-39-69, 8 (918) 270-20-16. 🕑 May - September 9:00 - 18:00, October - April 10:00 - 17:00.



5  ☆ State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve named after E.D. Felitsyna Wikidata element, st. Gymnasicheskaya, 67. ☎ 267-16-21. 🕑 Tue–Sun 10:00–18:00. It is located in two buildings: in the house of merchants Bogarsukovs - a beautiful building, an architectural monument of the late XIX century and the former Grand Hotel, built in 1888-1900. At the moment, the museum is the largest museum association in the North Caucasus region, with about 400,000 exhibits at its disposal. The most famous collections are the ethnographic collection, the rare book collection, as well as the world's largest collection of ancient amphoras and a huge lapidary collection.
6 Museum of the History of the North Caucasian Railway, st. Brothers Drozdov, 2. ☎ +7 (861) 214–75–96. 🕑 09:00 - 15:00. For free. You can see wagons and locomotives of the last century.
7 Museum of Postal Service in the Kuban, st. Karasunskaya, 68 (the central courtyard of the Krasnodar post office). ☎ (861) 253-12-17. 🕑 Tue–Fri 10:00–16:00. It is located in a small room that tells about all the details of the Kuban Post from the day it was founded: postman uniforms and snowshoes, typewriters and even a copy of the first Russian stamp.
Museum of the Krasnodar fire protection, st. Mira, 56. ☎ pre-registration by phone. 262 22 61. 🕑 Tue-Sun 09:00-18:00, break 13:00-14:00. Among the exhibits are fire-fighting tools, manuals on behavior in emergency situations. Several dioramas depicting the fire and its aftermath.
8 Literary Museum of Kuban, st. Postovaya, 39. ☎ +7 (861) 268-5878. The exposition includes books-relics brought by Cossack settlers from the Mezhyhirya military monastery of the Zaporizhian Cossacks, rare books of the civil press, books by the ataman of the Black Sea Cossack army, pre-revolutionary publications by A.S. Pushkin, M.Yu. Lermontov and local writers.
9 House-Museum of V. Vysotsky. The Vysotsky Museum is open. corner of Rashpilevskaya and Babushkina.
10 Samson Bodybuilding Museum, st. Krasnaya, d.129. ☎ +7 (861) 255-0-255. The only museum of its kind in Russia. Kettlebells, barbells, exercise machines are demonstrated, independently made by enthusiasts in those days when bodybuilding was a criminal offense in the USSR. Photos of bodybuilders.
11 Memorial Apartment Museum of the People's Artist of the USSR G.F. Ponomarenko, Krasnaya St., 204, apt. 80. ✉ ☎ 251-04-45. The museum is located in the apartment where the composer lived for about a quarter of a century. Presented are original furniture, musical instruments, dishes of that time, hundreds of souvenirs donated to the composer, records, audio recordings and the composer's library, thousands of letters from fans, posters and concert programs.
House-Museum of Ataman F. Ya. Bursak, st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, d. 6.
Museum of Entertaining Sciences "EinsteinUm", st. P. M. Gavrilova, 27 (intersection with Garage Street, not far from the Aerodrome Ring). ✉ ☎ +7(861)245-78-67, +7(918)0-250-260. 10:00 - 20:00. children - 400 rubles, adults - 450 rubles, discounts are available for group and family excursions. Excursions and show programs around the Museum of Entertaining Sciences will arouse your child's interest in such sections of physics as mechanics, acoustics, optics, magnetism and electricity. The museum hosts show programs: "CHI-Chemistry" - chemical experiments with non-aggressive media; show "Soap Bubbles"; preparing an electric show.


Art museums and galleries

13. Regional Art Museum named after F. A. Kovalenko, st. Red, 13. ☎ 262-95-04. 🕑 Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-19:00. The museum is located in two buildings: "The House of Engineer B. Shardanov", st. Krasnaya, 13 and "Ekaterinodar office of the state bank", st. Red, 15 - both monuments of architecture of the late XIX century. Many works of famous Kuban, Russian and European artists, dating from the 16th century and later, are exhibited. These are such artists as D.G. Levitsky, V.L. Borovikovsky, S.F. Shchedrin, V.A. Tropinin, A.G. Venetsianov, I.K. Aivazovsky, I.N. Kramskoy, I.E. Repin, I.I. Shishkin, V.A. Serov, P.P. Konchalovsky. The exposition halls are supplemented with samples of arts and crafts.
14 Regional Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts, st. Rashpilevskaya, 32. ☎ (861) 268-68-96. The building also houses the Gallery "South", (861) 264-46-60, 13:00 - 18:00, which presents paintings by Kuban artists of various schools of painting, graphics and arts and crafts.
15 Regional Branch of the Russian Cultural Fund, st. Red, 45. ☎ +7 (861) 255-97-97. 🕑 Mon–Sat 10:00 – 19:00. Exhibitions of wax figures, exhibitions and sales of amber and gzhel are held.
Gallery "7 Pictures", Kalinin St., 341. ☎ (861) 259-05-62. Art Gallery of Contemporary Art. Exhibitions of painting, graphics, sculpture and photography are held.
Gallery "Art Union", st. October, 51. ☎ (861) 268-58-04, 210-36-98. Free entry. The permanent collection includes paintings, drawings, ceramics, batik, artistic stained glass, and sculpture. In addition, personal exhibitions and art projects are often held here.
16  Art Gallery "Ladder"  , Rashpilevskaya 17. ☎ +7 961 583-09-49. 🕑 13:00-20:00.
17  Santal Art Gallery, st. Kommunarov, 58. ☎ (861) 267-11-37. 🕑 Mon - Fri 9:00 - 18:00, Sat and Sun closes 2 hours earlier.



18 State Academic Drama Theatre. Gorky, Theater Square, 2. ☎ (861) 255-70-60. The repertoire includes performances based on the works of Shakespeare and Lope de Vega, Pushkin and Gogol, Chekhov and Bulgakov, Shaw and Goldoni, as well as plays by modern playwrights and fairy tales for children.
19 Regional Puppet Theatre, st. Red, 31. ☎ 262-44-17.
20 Musical theatre, st. Red, 44. ☎ 8(861)262-49-66. 🕑 Theatrical season is from September to July. The repertoire of the theater includes works of world classics of opera and ballet.
✦   Ballet Theatre , Krasnaya str., 44 (in the building of the musical theatre).
12 Municipal Youth Theatre, st. Sedina, 28. ☎ (861) 262-50-83. All chairs are easily moved, which will allow you to form a hall for each performance in a new way, freely using the entire space.
✦   Philharmonic Grigory Ponomarenko, st. Red, 55. ☎ (861) 267-26-26, 262-29-76.
12  New puppet theater TO "Premiere", st. Stavropolskaya, 130. ☎ (861) 239-73-34. 🕑 Theatrical season is from September to July. A wide repertoire: from fairy tales, parables and dramatic poems to bright innovative productions for adults.
21  ☆ Concert Hall of the Kuban Cossack Choir (Central Concert Hall), st. Red, 5. ☎ (861) 268-44-26. Venue for concerts of the Kuban Cossack Choir. As well as other performances and show programs.
22 Arena Hall, st. Stasova, 182 (TRK "Meridian"). ☎ +7 861 216 83 83. 🕑 Cash desk 10:00–20:00. Concert hall where performances of popular musical groups are held.



23 Avrora Cinema, st. Red, 169. ☎ 224-65-44. 🕑 10:00 - 23:00. An architectural monument of local importance. Built in 1963-1967 by the architect E. A. Serdyukov. 2 cinema halls.
24 Cinema "Bulgaria", st. Stavropolskaya, 236a. ☎ (861) 233-74-86, 233-99-58. 🕑 09:00 - 03:00. 50-250 rubles, 3D sessions 90-300 rubles. Cinema for connoisseurs of the art of cinema. One of the largest cinema halls in Krasnodar with 448 seats. Every Friday after midnight there is a non-stop Night action - a demonstration of the two best films of world cinema without interruption.
Cinema "City DeLuxe", st. Industrialnaya, 2 (SEC "City Center", 3rd floor). ☎ (861) 213-48-02, 213-48-03. 🕑 10:00-02:00. 60-240 rubles, 3D sessions 110-300 rubles.
Kinoplex "Seven Stars", st. Uralskaya, 104a (SEC "SBS", 2nd floor). ☎ (861) 210-03-33, 210-03-34. 60-240 rubles, 3D sessions 110-300 rubles. Eight cinemas.
25 Cinema "Kubankino", st. Lenina, 89. ☎ (861) 262-10-86. Intellectual cinema club. Not only new films are shown, but also old masterpieces of such directors as F. Fellini. Antanioni, M. Formaz, A. Tarkovsky, A. Sokurov, R. Bykov and many others. The film fund is formed from 2282 films on 35 mm film, 300 - on 16 mm.
✦  Cinema "Europe", st. Red Partizan, 4/1 (RK "Park Europe", 2nd floor). ☎ (861) 202-22-22. 🕑 10:00 - 03:00. 60-250 rub. 2 cinema halls with three categories of seats: regular, VIP and Romantic.
✦  Cinema "Formula Kino", Winged, 2 (TC "Oz-mall"). ☎ 8-800-250-80-25. 150-600 rub. 10 cinema halls.
26 Cinema club on Krasnaya, 5, st. Red, 5 (small hall). ☎ (861) 268-44-26, 262-40-47. In the cinema club you can watch films that have received awards at world film festivals and recognition in many countries, but have not been widely released in Russia. Small cozy room and low ticket price.
✦  Cinema "Kinomax", st. Holovaty, 313 (SEC "Gallery-Krasnodar", 3rd floor). ☎ (861) 278-81-61. 🕑 10:00 - 22:00. 8 cinema halls.
✦  Cinema center on Red Square, st. Dzerzhinsky, 100 (SEC "Red Square", 2-3 floors). ☎ (861) 210-42-60, 202-22-22. 🕑 10:00 - 03:00. Six main halls and one premium class with transforming chairs.



27  ☆ Botanical Garden. I. S. Kosenko, st. Kalinina, 13. 🕑 08:00-18:00, summer period 06:00-22:00. Created in 1959 by Professor I.S. Kosenko. Now about 1,200 species of trees and shrubs grow in the garden, and more than 300 varieties of tropical and subtropical crops grow in greenhouses. There is a "live" corner with peacocks.
28   PKiO "Sunny Island", st. Tram, 2. ☎ +7 (861) 231-58-50. 🕑 10:00-22:00. The largest park in the city, where there are about 30 attractions: Matterhorn, Hip-Hop, Autodrom, Safari, Merry Hills, Minijet, costing 30 - 150 rubles per visit. There is a rope park with routes of three levels of difficulty, the cost is 200-300 rubles. (2017). There are also tennis courts, a paintball field, beach volleyball, football and basketball fields, several cafes, a sports complex with an ice rink 29 . You can ride a boat or sunbathe on the beach (you can’t swim on the Kuban River). Until recently, the planetarium worked, but for several years now it has been closed (2015).
30  ☆ Safari Park Zoo. 450 rub. A large private zoo with more than 120 species of animals and birds. There are many spacious open enclosures - you can observe in detail how animals live. The zoo is well decorated, themed music plays, there is a dino park, a Chinese garden. In general, this is probably one of the most interesting places in the city.
31 Chistyakovskaya Grove (Pervomaisky Park). Here is the largest children's town, a rope park, fountains and alleys with flower beds. Feb 2018
32 Ecological and Biological Center of the Krasnodar Territory (menagerie of the young naturalists station), st. 40th Anniversary of Victory, 1 (Park "Chistyakovskaya Grove"). ☎ (861)252-13-58, (861)257-06-59. 🕑 8:30 - 17:00. There is a youth zoo on the territory.
33   City Park. M. Gorky, st. Postovaya, 34 (in the southern part of the city). Founded in 1848 by order of the Viceroy of the Caucasus and Commander-in-Chief of the Caucasian Corps, Prince M. S. Vorontsov. Broken under the leadership of Yakov Bikelmeyer, who turned it into a center for the development of horticulture in the Kuban and the entire Ciscaucasia, thousands of seedlings of ornamental and fruit trees were brought from the Crimea. Now the park has a number of children's attractions.
✦  Dolphinarium, st. Postovaya, 34. ☎ (861) 268 36 88; +7 929 82 555 22. 🕑 Performances on Sat, Sun 12:00 and 16:00. 600 rub.
34 PKiO im. 30th anniversary of the Victory, st. Krasina, 2. ☎ +7 (861) 268-54-29;. The park is located on a peninsula: on one side there is a backwater - the old channel of the Kuban, on the other - the Kuban River. The park has 18 attractions, a viewing wheel, a billiards club and a go-kart track, cafes and restaurants.
35 Museum of military equipment "Weapons of Victory", st. Krasina, 2 (park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory). ☎ (861) 268-54-29. Under the open sky, military equipment from the Great Patriotic War: tanks, artillery pieces, a submarine, the famous "Katyusha" - a total of 40 exhibits. The exhibition is open around the clock, admission is free. Near the site of military equipment is the Exhibition Hall of Military Glory, which exhibits items from the Great Patriotic War and local armed conflicts. The visit is free.
36 Krasnodar Park (Galitsky Park) Wikidata item Located between Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya and Geroya Vladislav Posadsky streets, next to the FC Krasnodar stadium. (Buses No. 45, 46, 47, 48, 51, 58, 78; by private transport - there is parking for 2000 cars). Open around the clock. for free. The largest and without any doubt the best park in the city of Krasnodar was built at the expense of entrepreneur Sergei Galitsky, the founder of the Magnit supermarket chain. The park was designed by the German company GMP International. The approximate cost of building the park at the end of 2022 is about 62 million US dollars. The park was opened to the public in 2017. The area of the park is 22.7 hectares, but at the same time, the park is constantly being completed, new objects are being opened for visiting. Entrance to the park is free for everyone, but there are some restrictions on the territory. On the territory of the park there are: a skate park, a musical labyrinth, a water labyrinth, an amphitheater, a rope park, a climbing wall, flower terraces, and many other installations. There are several cafes. More than 2.5 thousand trees have been planted in the park, including many exotic ones, which were brought specifically for this park and do not grow anywhere else in our country.



Souvenirs with a Cossack theme, Krasnodar tea, wine, books and postcards about the history of Ekaterinodar-Krasnodar are especially popular.

✦  Network of Kuban souvenir shops (Kuban Production and Technology Center LLC). ✉ ☎ +7 (988) 246-03-26; +7 (861) 259-95-49.
Golovaty, 313.
st. Bershanskaya, 355 (Krasnodar airport).
st. Karasunskaya, 162.
Shop of Kuban souvenirs "Evrika", 40 years of Victory, 34. ☎ +7 (918) 470-05-27.
Shop of Kuban souvenirs "Papa Carlo", st. Krasnaya 176 k13 (pavilion 101, 111). ☎ +7 (918) 462-39-07; +7 (918) 006-66-17.

Shopping centers
Krasnodar is the leader in the TOP-10 Russian cities in terms of shopping center supply (SEC area per population) as of 2012.

SEC "Mega", pos. New Adygea, Turgenev highway, 27. ☎ (861) 201-00-01. Open 10:00 - 22:00. Dozens of shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants, an ice rink.
SEC "Gallery Krasnodar", st. Holovaty, 313. ☎ (861) 253-69-02. Open  10:00-22:00. More than 170 shops, a large selection of cafes and restaurants.
SEC "Red Square", st. Dzerzhinsky, 100. ☎ (861) 253-78-77. Open  10:00 - 22:00. The complex has more than 500 shops, a seven-hall multiplex, the Kosmik entertainment complex, the Amsterdam Bar nightclub, two food court zones, the Ostrova children's entertainment center (the Skalodrome, Q-ZAR, Real sport, "Paintball", XD-cinema, shooting gallery, Internet cafe, ice rink "Iceberg", children's playground "Jungle", slot machines. Pizzeria, cafe, bar), free ice skating rink.
SEC "7 Stars", st. Uralskaya, 104a. Open 11:00 - 04:00. An 8-screen cinema complex, a bowling club with 48 lanes, a children's town "Losiki", a billiards club (26 tables), slot machines, more than 20 restaurants and fast food establishments, a Q-Zar laser attraction, 2 night clubs.
SEC "OZ Mall", st. Krylataya, 2. 10-hall 3D cinema of the Formula Kino network, bowling for 36 lanes, billiards and karaoke, a skating rink, a children's entertainment center Minopolis, Russia's first City of Children.
RC "Park Europe", st. Red partisans, 4/1. French coffee house "Merci cafe" (24 hours), sushi bar "Arigato" (10:00 - 04:00), pizzeria "Grazie pizza" (10:00 - 02:00), oriental restaurant "Rahmat" (10:00 - 04:00), Q-zar "Jedi" (10:00 - 23:00), billiard room (12:00 - 04:00), slot machines, bowling club (12:00 - 05:00), Cinema "Europe"
RC "Uletov and Co", St. Stasova, 182. ☎ (861) 210-18-88. 🕑 Mon-Fri 13:00 - 2:00, Sat-Sun 11:00 - 2:00. Ice skating rink, Crypt horror room, autodrome, bowling club, karaoke and hookah.



There are many restaurants, pubs, cafes, sushi bars, hookah bars, pizzerias, coffee houses in Krasnodar. The cuisine of the Krasnodar Territory is a mix of South Russian, Georgian, Armenian and Greek cuisines with an emphasis on fresh local products, with the addition of parsley, dill and cilantro and a minimal addition of spices.

1   Cafe "Lyceum", st. Lenina, 46.
12  Dining room "Peter", st. Moscow, 63 / Zipovskaya, 10. ☎ +7 918-979-91-30. 🕑 Mon-Sat. from 8.00 to 17.00. Complex lunch - 150-200 rubles (2012). Quite a varied menu, almost home cooking, large portions.
✦  The network of pizzerias "Uni". The cost of a large pizza is 200-300 rubles, beer - 70-140 rubles. First and second courses, pizza, rolls.
st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 64.
st. Stavropolskaya, 135/2.
st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 49.
st. Stavropolskaya, 222.
st. Vishnyakova, 138.

Average cost
Chain of restaurants "Lubo-expensive".

Mercy Baku restaurant.
Stefano restaurant.


Night life

A huge number of nightclubs and bars are located on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street (popularly referred to as the "Street of Bars") and on the streets adjacent to it.

"Rock bar", st. Red, 76A.
Night club "INFINITI".
Night club "Digger".



1 Tourist base "Kurochka Ryaba" (Recreation center), Seversky district, st. Novodmitrievskaya, cottage village "Cooperator" (Coordinates: 44.784573,38.881712, 35 km from Krasnodar). ✉ ☎ +79184416032, svtur1. 🕑 09.00-23.00. 1000 rub. "Kurochka Ryaba" is a family-oriented recreation center. There is a wood-fired sauna, a sauna, a gazebo with barbecue facilities, a volleyball court, a trampoline, table tennis, badminton, a swimming pool, a zoo (peacocks, chickens, pheasants, geese, ducks, parrots), “health path” through the forest, jeeping (UAZ) through the forest. Accommodation is offered in a cottage for 20 people.

Average cost
2  Kavkaz Hotel, st. Red, 174. ✉ ☎ +7(861)273-14-50. From 1800 to 4600 rubles, the cost of a standard room is 2000 rubles / day. The hotel is a classic "Soviet" type, there is a cafe on the ground floor, a restaurant on the 8th floor, and 24-hour bars on the 5th and 6th floors. The service is not impressive, but located in the city center in a convenient location.
3  Krasnodar Airport Hotel, st. them. Evdokia Bershanskaya, house 355 (opposite the terminal building). ☎ +7 (861) 263 66 92. single room - 1,920 rubles, double room - from 2,400 rubles.

4 "Intourist" hotel, st. Red, 109. ✉ ☎ +7 (861) 255-88-97, 268-52-00, 259-61-63. 4500-10500 rub. The hotel has a 4-star certificate for the quality of services provided. The 14-storey hotel building is located in the very center of Krasnodar, opposite the Drama Theatre, on the 14th floor there is a panoramic restaurant "Barin", from where the Caucasus Mountains are clearly visible in good weather.
5 Hotel Rimar, st. Kuban embankment, 44. ✉ ☎ +7 (861) 279-58-66. 5200-19900 rub. Located in close proximity to the administrative and business center of Krasnodar, on the embankment of the Kuban River. Near the hotel there is a forested area on the banks of the Kuban River, which provides beautiful views of the forest, the river and, in good weather, the mountains.



Megafon, MTS, Beeline, TELE 2, SKYLINK.


Precautionary measures

There are a lot of private sector in Krasnodar, including in the city center. Night walks alone in such areas can be unsafe, so dark streets in the private sector should be avoided.
People of various nationalities live in the city, so you should not start talking about national topics.
Due to the close proximity to Adygea, there are many young people in Krasnodar who come from villages to the city in search of adventure, as a rule, in domestic cars with numbers 01 of the region.



It was founded in 1792 as a fortress called Yekaterinodar, appropriated in honor of Empress Catherine II, or rather, according to the tradition that has already developed since St. Petersburg, in honor of her namesake, that is, in honor of St. Catherine. The name of the fortress was originally used in its direct meaning - “Catherine's gift”: the city was founded on the land granted by Catherine II to the Black Sea Cossack army. In 1920 the city was renamed Krasnodar, where the red element has a symbolic “revolutionary” meaning.



Ancient history
According to the results of the West Caucasian archaeological expedition, in the center of the city, in the area of ​​the present park "City Garden", a large Meotian settlement was discovered, which had existed here since the 4th or 3rd century BC. Also, near Krasnodar (on the territory of the present village of Elizavetinskaya), on the banks of the Kuban, there was an ancient city of the Bosporus kingdom with fortifications.

New time
On June 30, 1792, Empress Catherine II issued a Charter to the Black Sea Cossack army, according to which the Cossacks who served and lived here were transferred to eternal possession the Kuban land, bounded by the Kuban River and the Sea of ​​Azov, and from the east by a conditional line from the mouth of the Laba to the Yeisk town. In 1793, the present city of Yekaterinodar was founded by the Black Sea Cossacks, initially as a military camp, and later as a fortress. The city received its name as a gift from Empress Catherine II to the Black Sea Cossacks of the Kuban land (literally Ekaterinodar means the gift of Catherine). The first mayor of the military city of Yekaterinodar until January 1795 was Danila Savinovich Volkorez.

On September 18, 1794, Getmanov, a land surveyor sent from Simferopol, began to demarcate and lay out the streets of the city according to the plan approved by the Tavrichesky Governor-General Semyon Semyonovich Zhegulin. According to this plan, a military fortress is located on the banks of the Karasun River, in the center of which there is a church, and around this there are barracks-kurens; to the north of the fortress, forests were cut down and residential houses of the Black Sea residents were erected. According to the census conducted on November 11, 1794 by the mayor, 586 people lived in Yekaterinodar, 9 houses, 75 huts, 154 dugouts were built, soon the number of households increased to 370.

In 1830, five versts from the Kuban, near Karasun, two furnaces with a capacity of 45 and 38 thousand bricks were built with the aim of producing bricks for the construction in the city of premises for the military chancellery, city police, zemstvo administration, a house for meetings of the nobility and a food warehouse.

Since 1860 Yekaterinodar became the administrative center of the formed Kuban region. Ekaterinodar received the status of a city in 1867. With the construction of the railway in the North Caucasus (Tikhoretsk - Yekaterinodar - Novorossiysk) in the 70s and 80s of the XIX century, the city turned into a large commercial, industrial and transport center of the North Caucasus region. Thanks to this, merchants began to settle in the city, in addition to the Cossacks. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first factories were built here - metalworking and iron foundries, a center for processing oil, which was brought here from Maikop, appears.

During the Civil War
During the civil war, Yekaterinodar became the de facto capital of the White South of Russia.

The storming of the city by units of the army of General L. G. Kornilov on March 27 (April 9) - March 31 (April 13) 1918 was the culmination of the First Kuban campaign of the Volunteer Army from the Don to the Kuban. During the assault, the commander-in-chief was killed, and General A.I.Denikin, who replaced him, decided to lift the siege of the city and withdraw the army back to the Don.

5 months later, during the Second Kuban campaign, the city was taken by the Volunteer Army of General Denikin during the assault on August 1 (16) - 2 (17), 1918.

In 1919-1920, the Yekaterinodar underground party committee (A. A. Limansky, V. F. Cherny, M. Kochin and M. Masliev) operated in Yekaterinodar and the city's environs, coordinating the activities of several underground organizations and combat groups and red partisans.

On March 17, 1920, Yekaterinodar was abandoned by the ARSUR and occupied by units of the 9th Army of the Red Army. Power in the city passed to the Kuban Executive Committee, and then to the Kuban Regional Revolutionary Committee. On December 7, 1920, by the decree of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR, the city was renamed Krasnodar. The reason for this decision was a telegram sent on November 7, signed by the pre-cube regional committee chairman Ya. V. Poluyan.

Soviet period
On March 29, 1920, the Kuban-Black Sea region of the RSFSR was formed with the center in Krasnodar, which became part of the South-Eastern region in 1924, then the North Caucasian region with the center in Rostov-on-Don. Krasnodar became the center of the Kuban District, abolished in 1930.


From 1922 to 1936, Krasnodar also hosted the executive committee of the Council of Workers 'and Peasants' Deputies of the Adyghe (Circassian) Autonomous Region and its other party and economic bodies. Krasnodar, being in fact the center of the Adyghe Autonomous Region, was not part of it.

The cultural life of Krasnodar has noticeably changed in the 1930s. Then in the city there was a drama theater. Gorky and the operetta theater. In 1933 Krasnodar airport was opened in Krasnodar.

On January 10, 1934, the North Caucasian region was divided into two parts: the Krasnodar region, together with the city, went to the Azov-Black Sea region. On September 13, 1937, by a resolution of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, the latter was divided into the Krasnodar Territory with the center in Krasnodar and the Rostov Region with the center in Rostov-on-Don.

During the Great Patriotic War on August 9, 1942, Krasnodar was captured by units of the Wehrmacht and the troops of the satellite countries of Nazi Germany. In total, during the occupation, more than thirteen thousand Soviet citizens were tortured, including with the help of "gas chambers" - the method of mass extermination of people first used by punishers in Krasnodar. On February 12, 1943, the city was liberated by the Red Army. In July 1943, an open trial of the accomplices of the German occupiers took place in Krasnodar for the first time.

Leaving, German troops blew up and set fire to most of the central part of the city. After the war, the city was rebuilt and the construction of new districts began.

In 1973, to ensure the implementation of industrial and reclamation measures in the southeastern part of Krasnodar, the Krasnodar reservoir was built, which also provided protection of the city from spring floods.

Russian period
The increase in the number of residents of Krasnodar is mainly associated with migration processes. Since the early 1990s, many of the city's streets have been returned to their former names. In 2004, the townships of Kalinino and Pashkovsky were included in the city.