Lensk, Russia


Lensk (Yakut. Lianskei) is a city (since 1963) in Russia, the administrative center of the Lensky district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It forms an urban settlement, the city of Lensk.



It arose as a post station Mukhtuya (Evenk "big water"), in 1963 it was transformed into a city and was named Lensk from the hydronym of the Lena River, on which it is located.



The city is located on the left bank of the Lena River, on the Prilenskoye plateau, 840 km from Yakutsk.



The average annual air temperature is −5.4°C
Relative humidity - 71.4%
Average wind speed - 9.3 km / h

It is interesting that the city of Lensk itself, although it is the city with the mildest winters in the region, but at the same time does not claim to be the hottest, although not far from this title, at the end of the first decade of July 1945, at the weather station in the village of Komaka, it was still hotter, the temperature reached regional +39.2 C and this July maximum significantly exceeds Lensk as the peak summer separately for this month, these maximums also exceed those of Verkhoyansk and Yakutsk.



In the 18th century, to serve the 2nd Kamchatka expedition of Vitus Bering, the Yamskaya post station Mukhtuya was opened.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Mukhtuya was a place of political exile.

The rapid growth of the city began in the middle of the 20th century, and is associated with the discovery and development of diamond deposits in the Vilyui basin. Since the settlement was the closest (230 km) settlement to the Mir kimberlite pipe, it became the "base" for the construction of the city of Mirny. In 1956, the construction of a road began from Mukhtuya to the future Mirny, and a river port began to be built.

On October 30, 1957, by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the YaASSR, the village of Mukhtuya, Lensky district, was classified as a workers' settlement. By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR dated July 13, 1963 p.g.t. Mukhtuya Lensky industrial region of the Yakut ASSR was transformed into a city of regional subordination, with the assignment of the name - the city of Lensk (from the name of the Lena River). In March-April 2001, there was a severe flood in the history of the city. More than 30% of residential buildings in Lensk were destroyed. In 2018, the innovation program of the city of Lensk began, which provides for the redistribution of Lenin Square, the construction of the Starozhilov Square in Mukhtui (old town), and other projects for the improvement of the city.



Getting here

By plane
Airport Lensk. Dirt strip, fly AN-24. Flight delays are possible due to weather conditions: the plane can land, and fly away only the next day after the schedule.
Mirny airport. The airport with a concrete strip, flying Boeing-737, is located in the city of Mirny, 200 kilometers away.

By bus
Bus station. Bus from Lensk, on a dirt road.

On the ship
The most comfortable way - once every few years, cruises on the Lena of the Lenaturflot company enter the city. High-speed fleet: line Vitim - Peleduy - Lensk every day except Sunday, Lensk - Olekminsk every other day, on ships Polissya, Meteor.

Pier Lensk.


City transport

City bus routes on PAZs, interval about 20 minutes.



The city has a branch of the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and representative offices of the Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management and the Irkutsk State Technical University. There are six secondary schools in the city. There is a local history museum. It has six sections: ethnographic, flora and fauna, Russian life, Yakut hut, modern and numismatics. Also in the city there is a children's art school (former music school) and many dance groups.

There are 4 FM radio stations and 20 digital TV broadcast channels in Lensk:

FM radio stations:
100.9 MHz - Radio Russia / GTRK Sakha
102.0 MHz - Radio Sakha
103.9 MHz - Retro FM (Silence)
105.0 MHz - Radio Diamond Edge

All 20 TV channels for RTRS-1 and RTRS-2 multiplex; The package of radio channels includes: Vesti FM, Radio Mayak, Radio Russia / GTRK Sakha.

The package of TV channels RTRS-1 includes: Channel One, Russia 1 / State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Sakha, Match TV, NTV, Channel Five, Russia K, Russia 24 / State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Sakha, Karusel, OTR, TVC.
The package of TV channels RTRS-2 includes: REN TV, Spas, STS, Home, TV-3, Friday!, Zvezda, Mir, TNT, Muz-TV.

In the Art Hall of the Central Library, you can always see exhibitions of artists and photographers, both beginners and already well-known ones, evenings and presentations are held. There is a literary association "Flamingo". Some residents of Leningrad were even accepted into the Writers' Union of Russia: Ivan Pereverzin, Nikolai Soin, Boris Lapardin and Sergei Moskvitin. Lensk is also rich in recognized artists: Lemyakin. V. D., V. Stadnik, V. Kudrin, N. Kudrina, K. Kudrina, L. Tartyeva, V. Indeev, V. Balaev, G. Ineshin.

Since 2016, there have been high-speed fiber-optic Internet networks in the city. Providers: interset, rostelecom, TTsTR, axiom. Mobile networks of the 4th generation of LTE (4G / 4G +) were also carried out, operators: MegaFon, MTS, Beeline and YOTA

https://web.archive.org/web/20181216074155/http://lensk24.ru/index.php/template/k2/k2-categories/item/309-po-planam-v-lenske-v-avguste- zarabotaet-optovolokonnaya-liniya-svyazi-i-mobilnaya-set-chetvertogo-pokoleniya-4g

In 2012, the Lena girl Yulia Farkhutdinova won the Top Model in Russian program.



In 2007, qualifying games for the First Futsal World Cup took place in Lensk.

Until 2007, volleyball was well developed in Lensk, VC Alrosa was then playing in League B. A very large contribution was made by Yuri Shustov (now coaching the youth team), Yuri Fedorenko, Alexander Klaus, Yuri Girich, Vladimir Yagnyshev

In 2010, Lena volleyball players took 2nd place in the championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Team members: Vladimir Komkov, Nikita Vagin, Nikita Ivanov, Evgeny Pozur, Vladimir Mamontov, Konstantin Sobko, Sergey Kunichkin, Vladlen Zagornyak.

In 2011 - 3rd place in the same championship: Nikita Ishkov, Maxim Arzamaskin, Evgeny Pozur, Vladlen Zagornyak, Ilya Antipin, Alexei Afanasiev, Viktor Mikhailov, Maxim Ivakhnov, Nikita Ivanov. In 2014 they took 1st place in the championship of the republic



During its history, Lensk has experienced three major floods. The first flood happened in 1966, the water level in the river exceeded the mark of 16 meters. During the flood in 1998, the water level exceeded 17 meters, 95% of the city went under water. However, three years later there was another, much more devastating flood.

In the spring of 2001, during an ice drift, as a result of an eighty-kilometer traffic jam, the Lena River overflowed its banks, flooded the city and almost completely washed away the nearby villages and villages from the face of the earth. The water level in the river then exceeded 20 meters.

30% of the housing stock was destroyed. The rebuilding of the new Lensk became a federal scale project and took several months. By October 1, the city was restored.

People associated with Lensk
Popov, Vasily Mikhailovich (1921-2002) - participant in the Great Patriotic War, colonel, deputy division commander