Solotcha, Russia


Description of Solotcha

Solotcha is an urban microdistrict within the Soviet district of the city of Ryazan. Former village (known since 1390) and former urban-type settlement (in 1958 - 2004). Population (2013) - 2544 people.


Travel Destinations in Solotcha

There are a lot of old wooden houses with carved porches and stained glass windows in Solotcha. On one of the streets stands a house that at the end of the 19th century belonged to the famous artist-engraver, academician I. P. Pozhalostin. V.Veresaev, K.G. Paustovsky, A.P. Gaidar, A.A. Fadeev, K.M. Simonov, V.S. Grossman, F. I Panfyorov, A.I. Solzhenitsyn, V.T. Shalamov and others.

An outstanding architectural monument in the district is the Church of St. John the Baptist over the Holy Gates of the Solotchinsky Nativity of the Mother of God monastery, built in 1696-1698 by the supposedly famous Russian architect Ya. G. Bukhvostov.

The Ryazan-Vladimir narrow-gauge railway, sung by KG Paustovsky, passed through the district. Here was the station Solodcha, retaining its ancient spelling through the "d".

On the territory of the district there is a specially protected natural area - a natural monument of regional significance "Solotchinskaya Staritsa".



It is located 11.5 kilometers from the left-bank part of Ryazan at the entrance to Meshchera on the banks of the Oka River. Near the territory of the district, the Solotcha River of the same name flows into the oxbow. The area is surrounded on all sides by the Meshchersky National Park; the forests located on the territory of the district are reserved - multi-storey buildings are prohibited here.

Origin of name
Apparently, the toponym comes from the old Russian word (solot - swampy, swampy).



The village of Solotcha grew up around the male Solotchinsky Nativity of the Mother of God monastery, founded in 1390 by the Ryazan Grand Duke Oleg Ivanovich - according to legend, at the meeting place of the prince and his wife with two hermits, Vasily and Evfimiya. The conversation with the hermits sunk deep into the soul of the prince; having founded the monastery, he took tonsure and ruled for the last 12 years, being a prince-monk. At the same time, he lived for a long time in the monastery, on the territory of which he was buried in 1402. In addition, from the 14th century to 1682, the female Zachatievsky (Zachateisky) monastery operated in Solotch, on the site of which the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is now located. It was founded by the wife of Grand Duke Oleg Ivanovich Efrosinya. Princess Sofya Dmitrievna, the wife of the successor of Prince Oleg Fyodor Olgovich, transferred land to the monastery. So did the sister of Ivan III Anna, the widow of Vasily's brother Fyodor Olgovich. In 1629, 6 nuns lived in the monastery. Due to the annual floods, from which the monastery, located on the sloping bank of the river, constantly suffered, and in 1682 it was decided to abolish it, and transfer the nuns to the Agrafenin desert. At the end of the 19th century, the bell from the abolished monastery was still used on the bell tower of the Kazan Church.

After 1917 the monastery was also closed; later, a colony for juvenile delinquents was located on its territory (in 1993, the Solotchinsky Monastery was revived - but already as a female one). In 1937, the local priest Fyodor Yakovlevich Orlin, who held services despite the prohibitions of the authorities, was also repressed.

In 1939-1959, the village was the administrative center of the Solotchinsk district of the Ryazan region.

In 1954, by decision of the Ryazan Regional Executive Committee, the village of Solotcha was categorized as a dacha settlement. In 1958, the holiday village of Solotcha was transformed into a resort village[6]; Thus, from a rural-type settlement, it moved into the category of urban-type settlements.

By the Decree of the Head of the Administration of the Ryazan Region No. 128 dated March 3, 1994 “On Approving the Administrative Borders of the City of Ryazan and the Solotchinskiy District”, the Solotchinskiy resort village was included in the administrative boundaries of the city of Ryazan. By Decree of the Governor of the Ryazan Region No. 799-III dated September 22, 2004, the resort village of Solotcha was excluded from the registration data of the administrative-territorial structure of the Ryazan Region and transformed into an urban microdistrict of Ryazan.