Zhemchug, Russia


Zhemchug (Bur. Zhemheg, Russian for Pearl) is a village in the Tunkinsky region of Buryatia. The administrative center of the rural settlement "Zhemchug". The village is located in the Tunkinskaya valley, at the 95th kilometer of the Tunkinsky tract, 23 km east of the regional center - the village of Kyren.



To merge with nature, enjoying its pristine beauty, recharge with the energy of the mountains, improve health in mineral springs, discover new knowledge and get unforgettable impressions from these unique places.

Museum of Buddhist History
Mineral Springs (Vishki)


Getiing here

By car On the highway A164 "Kultuk-Mondy-Orlik" we reach 101 km and turn at the sign "Min.source". Zhemchugskie springs are 3 km away.

Shuttle taxis run daily from the forecourt of the Ulan-Ude railway station.

From the railway station "Irkutsk-Passenger" on Thursdays and Fridays at 17.00, fixed-route taxis "Irkutsk-Kyren" leave.

By rail
The nearest railway station is Slyudyanka (Irkutsk region). Shuttle buses "Slyudyanka-Kyren" go from the station to the turn to the Zhemchug mineral springs or, by agreement with the driver, to the desired hotel.

The nearest airport is Irkutsk.

The distance from Zhemchug to Ulan-Ude is 446 km, to Irkutsk - 204 km, to Slyudyanka - 120 km, to the district center - the village of Kyren - 22 km, to the Arshan resort - 45 km.



There are several shops with a mixed assortment in the village.

In the Mongolian market, you can buy warm quality camel socks, belts, vests and blankets. Also, very useful, tonic leaves of the local shrub sagan-dali (sagan-daily) are sold everywhere. Tea with sagan-dali is especially delicious.



Many cafes with national Buryat cuisine.



Manor "Krasnaya Polyana". ✉ ☎ +7 (30147) 42-181, +7(9149) 383-001, +7(9148) 950-971. Cafe, conference hall, billiards, hall with fireplace, table tennis, library, children's playground. View of the Sayan Mountains and the valley of the Irkut River.
Guest house "SHUMAK", with. Vishki st. Irkutnaya d.21. ☎ 89024515914. 2, 3-bed comfortable rooms, separate kitchen.
Guest house "Mungen Serge", st. Tsentralnaya, d. 6, (Vyshka area).



In the 19th and early 20th centuries, on the site of the present village of Zhemchug, several uluses were located - Zhemheg, Nurai, Khabarnuty, Bog-Gorkhon, Tutkhul, Kheltegei, Ulan-Gorkhon.

In 1918, near these uluses, the White Cossacks dealt with the red partisans from the detachment of Nestor Kalandarishvili.

In 1920, after the entry of the Red Army units into the territory of the modern Tunkinsky region, Soviet power was restored in these uluses.

In 1927-1928. In the Zhemheg ulus, the commune "Aradai Khubiskhal" was formed. In 1930, in the Nurai ulus, a fishing artel named after I. Stalin. In the same year, the Sibkomsomol agricultural cartel was established in the Bog-Gorkhon ulus. In 1931, an artel named after V.I. Budyonny, in the Kheltegei ulus - an artel named after Frunze. In 1932, all these artels were merged into collective farms named after Voroshilov and "Way of Lenin".

During the Great Patriotic War, more than 100 people from these uluses were called to the front, 74 of them died in battles.

On December 8, 1959, the Sayansky state farm was formed, which united two collective farms. The central estate of the state farm was the Bog-Gorkhon ulus, where the village council was located.

In the 1960s, during the construction of the highway, the names were put down, after which the Bog-Gorkhon ulus became known as Zhemchug.



It is located in the Tunkinsky valley, on the 95th kilometer of the Tunkinsky tract, 23 km east of the district center - the village of Kyren.


Infrastructure and culture

The administration of a rural settlement, a secondary school, a kindergarten, a medical outpatient clinic, a House of Culture, a library, the Zhemchug Museum of Buddhism, History and Local Lore, the Zhemheg Folklore Ensemble.


Famous people

Alsiev, Maysan Ardanovich (1879-1961) - folk storyteller
Dorzho Khapkharanov - Commander of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor
Saganov, Vladimir Bizyaevich (1936-1999) - in the 1960s he was the director of the Sayansky state farm. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Buryat ASSR (1977-1987), Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Buryatia (1990-1994), Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR of the 10th and 11th convocations, Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USSR.