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Iberá Wetlands (Esteros del Iberá)

Iberá Wetlands

Iberá Wetlands is located 75 mi (120 km) Northwest of Mercedes, Corrientes Province in Argentina. Iberá Wetlands covers an area of 20,000 km² making it one of the largest wetland biosphere in the World.



Location: 75 mi (120 km) Northwest of Mercedes, Corrientes Province Map

Area: 20,000 km²

Open: 7:30am- 6pm daily

Official site




Description of Iberá Wetlands


Iberá Wetlands is an extensive area of wetlans, swamps, bogs, lakes and various bodies of water between rivers of Rio Paranand Rio Uruguay. Parts of Iberá Wetlands are protected by Iberá Provincial Reserve that covers an area of 13000 square kilometers (5000 sq mi), although there are ongoing discussion of turning the site into a national park. After with a total area of 15,000- 20,000 sq km (5800- 7700 sq mi) it is the second largest wetland (first being Pantanal in Brazil) in the World.


Ibera Wetlands are full of diversity in both flora and fauna. Many of the animals are endemic and endangered.. This includes march deer (Blastoceros dichotomous), Pampas deer (Ozotocerus bezoarticus), capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) and many others. Some of the most dangerous animals that can be found here are several species of caiman crocodiles and constricting large snakes.




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