Hohenwerfen Castle


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5450 Werfen
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Rates Without lift With left
Adults € 10 € 13
Adults, reduced € 8.5 € 11
Children (6-14) € 5.5 € 7
Family € 23 € 30


Hours of Admission
April* 9:30am- 4:30pm
May, June 9am- 5pm
July, Aug 9am- 6pm
Sept 9am- 5pm
Oct, Nov 9:30am- 4:30pm
Dec- Mar closed
* closed on Mondays in April


Description of Hohenwerfen Castle


Hohenwerfen Castle is located 40 km (25 miles) South of Salzburg. It is a magnificent medieval citadel that stands on top of 155 meter hilltop. Its splendid medieval structures offer a great view of the valley of the river Salzach below. This medieval citadel of Hohenwerfen is situated between majestic Tennengau and Hagen ridges. It was build in the 11th century in a series of fortifications to defend the city of Salzburg. It was a key fortress in a defense of Lueg pass that could be used by invading armies on their way to the region's capital. Over a course of five centuries its defenses were strengthened. Towers and new curtail walls were added. Due to its strategic location and well defended position it became residential and hunting retreat. However the Hohenwerfen also has more sinister side to it. Almost from the very beginning it became a prison for political and criminal prisoners. That included the Archbishop Albert III (1198), Count (Graf) Albert bon Friesach (1253), the Styrian governor Siegmund (1525) and Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau (1611). Housed under inhumane conditions many prisoners died here or went mad. Their ghosts reportedly still haunt Hohenwerfen Castle.


In the 17th century Hohenwerfen Castle went into a decline and in the 19th century first attempts by the Austrian government were taken to preserve medieval castle. Unfortunately it didn't prevent a great fire in 1931 that destroyed much of the castle's interior. Only in 1987 authorities started a massive reconstruction project. Today Hohenwerfen Castle is open to the public. It houses several museums dedicated to citadel's history and various aspects of Austrian life in the region. Hohenwerfen Fortress offers an extensive collection of military weapons, torture devices as well as falconry museum. Falconry Center still in existence today and demonstrated this old and rare art of falconry. The tavern serves its customers on the grounds of the castle. Besides many concerts, theater performances, recreation from different time periods of the Hohenwerfen Castle are held here.