Lurgrotte Caves


Location: 25 km North of Graz

Info: (03127) 2580

Open: Apr- Oct: 9am- 4pm daily


Description of Lurgrotte Cave


Lurgrotte Caves is the largest cave system in Austria. It is located 25 km North of Graz. Lurgrotte Cave was officially discovered by Max Italian Brunello on April 1st in 1894. However first scientific exploration started with the mishap. On April 29, 1895 seven cave explorers entered the underground tunnels during a heavy rain. Rising water quickly trapped brave men for nine days. The rescue effort organized by an Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph gather over 1000 local residents and volunteers. Trapped explorers were rescued alive, as several groups undertook trips inside the Lurgrotte Cave mapping about 5 km of systems


Lurgrotte Cave were explored again in February 1905 by the members of the Styrian Cave Club, section of the Austrian Tourist Club. They re- discovered over 1000 meters of underground tunnels.


Stalctatite and stalagmites cover floor and the roof of the undergrounds. Largest dripstone in Lurgrotte Caves is 13 m (43 ft) tall known as Gian (der Riese). You can get to the location via railway from Semriach.