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Description of Orebic

Orebic or Sabbioncello on Italian is a port on the Adriatic coast in Dubrovnik-Neretva county of Croatia. It is small pristine town with a friendly atmosphere and even friendlier climate. Orebic is a port municipality of 4,101 inhabitants in the Dubrovnik-Neretva region in Dalmatia. It is located on the peninsula of the same name. Before the 16th century it was called Trestenicco or Trestenico (Trstenica). Orebic is connected with ferries to the city of Korčula, located on the island of the same name. Tourism is important in the region and a popular attraction is the Franciscan monastery.

According to the 2001 census the municipality of Sabbioncello had 4,165 residents, of which 93% declared themselves to be a Croatian mother tongue and the remainder mainly Bosgnacco and Albanian. The Dalmatian town had an Italian mayor until the late nineteenth century.


The city is located on the south side of the peninsula, protected by the 961 m high Sveti Ilija (Saint Elias). Directly opposite Orebić is the important Adriatic passenger port Korčula, at the same time of historical importance. Orebić itself owns a ferry port to the island of Korčula and, with one of the rare sandy beaches in Croatia, is once again becoming an important holiday destination in southern Dalmatia.


Travel Destinations in Orebic

Church of Saint Elijah (Orebic)

If you want to take a view of the entire city of Orebic and do some hiking, then Mount of Saint Elijah (Sveti Ilija) is a place to start. The hiking trails are well marked with signs pointing in the direction of the peak that reaches the height of 961 meters above the sea level. Hilltop of the mount is covered by ruins of an old Church of Saint Elijah. Its construction began on July 1621. However it was abandoned in the 19th century. The building fell prey to the elements and local quarrying. Today only few signs of foundation remain. However on some occasions Christian mass is observed on the ruins of the old Orebic church.


Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of Angels (Orebic)


The most famous tourist attraction in the city is the Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of Angels. It stands on a Peljesac peninsula, 2 km West of Orebic. Franciscan monastery is a modest Romanesque monastery perched on a side of a hilltop 152 meters above the Adriatic Sea. Franciscan monastery was found in late 15th century under supervision of Michal Radisic during a period of the Republic of Ragusa with a capital in Dubrovnik. The main church of the monastery was found in 1534. Other buildings here were reconstructed several times over a course of centuries.


Franciscan Monastery is surrounded by a protected cypress grove and a small cemetery for local fishermen and traders. It is no wonder that cloister is highly respected among residents of Orebic. Local fishermen and traders alike have a tradition of greeting the monks of the monastery and their dead ancestors with three calls with their ship sirens. Franciscan monks would answer the call by ringing tower bells.


Maritime Museum (Orebic)

Another interesting place to visit is the Maritime Museum. It traces the history of sea faring heritage that is particularly venerated by the citizens of Orebic. The museum has a collection of artifacts, ship models and a collection of paintings on the subject.


Besides the Adriatic sea and surrounding islands can be very interesting if you like scuba diving, sailing and other water sports. Besides local fishermen can take you on a boating trip around Orebic and its surroundings for a modest pay that is usually very affordable.









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