Dominican Convent (Dominikanski samostan i crkva sv. Dominika) (Dubrovnik)


Description of the Dominican monastery

Dominican monastery is a medieval Roman Catholic monastery founded on this site in the 13th century by monks. It was rebuilt several times over course of centuries. Current building was erected after the earthquake of the 17th century in Baroque style. One of the main attractions of this monastery is the central crucifix and a mural above the main altar by Paolo Veneziano. Museum of the Dominican Convent contains works by masters of Dubrovnik and invited artists from Venice across the Adriatic Sea that date from the 13th century to 17th century. This includes "Baptism of Christ" painted by Lovro Dobrichev in the middle of the 15th century. Other items in the museum exhibition includes various religious objects, artifacts jewelry, vestments of priests and many other. Former chapel of Saint Sebastian was converted to a gallery "Sebastian". It presents works of contemporary artists of Dubrovnik and Croatia.