Dubrovnik Natural History Museum (Dubrovnik)


Description of the Dubrovnik City Museum

Dubrovnik Natural History Museum was found in 1872. In 1872. Museo Patrio was established and based on a private collection by pharmacist and ship owner Antun Dropac. It quickly grew in size between 1882 and 1917, when famous Dubrovnik naturalist Baldo Kosić acquired 1117 specimens from private collections and from various ship captains.

Dubrovnik Natural museum owns some extraordinary valuable exhibits, as algae herbarium collected by naturalists Matija Botteri and Marija de Cattani, otter, Mediterranean monk seal and Leatherback sea turtle caught in 1894. in Adriatic sea. One of the more attractive exhibits beside Thresher shark (fox shark) and Smooth hammerhead is a large tuna (head and tail) caught by the end of 19th century in Hodilj near Ston.

Besides historic value, the collection is a valuable display of a Dubrovnik region's fauna and a constant shift in biological diversity. Museum also owns specimens of the extinct species that once resided in Dubrovnik area.