Franciscan Monastery (Dubrovnik)

Franciscan Monastery (Dubrovnik)

Location: Placa 2


Description of the Franciscan Monastery

Franciscan Monastery is a medieval Roman Catholic monastery that stands near Saint Savior church. It was constructed in 1317 and constructed in a Romanesque architectural style. Franciscan Monastery proved to be one of the richest and largest monasteries in Croatia. It faced a serious setback when Franciscan Monastery was hit by an earthquake in 1667. Today only few parts of the original Medieval structure survive including Southern portal of the main church and several living rooms. Franciscan Monastery still holds a pharmacy that was found along with the monastery itself. It is one of the oldest operating pharmacies in Europe.


The Franciscan monastery had previously stood in the western approach to the city but was moved for security reasons. Monastery and church within the city walls began to be built in 1317, and most works were completed in the 14th century.  As part of the monastery from 1317 until today, there is a pharmacy, the third oldest in Europe. By 1901 it was located in a small cloister of the north great, and today it is left from the entrance to the monastery. The monastery library was edited by philosopher and theologian Vital Andrijašević. In the aftermath of the Great Earthquake in 1667, about 7500 volumes of books and manuscripts were lost. It has been rebuilt with marble monks and still holds more than 70,000 works, of which about 20,000 copies of manuscripts, with a particularly valuable 206 incunabula. In the library and extensive material of great importance for the history of older Croatian literature. The library preserves the oldest Croatian bibliographic record in the form of a book with a list of the former material and one of the two preserved copies of the first edition of Marulić's Judite. The musical part of the library keeps many works of old Croatian composers with more than 100 worlds unique.

During the Civil War, over fifty grenades fell to the monastery. The Franciscan church is often used as one of the scenes of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.