Onuphrius' or Onofrio's Fountain (Dubrovnik)

Saint Saviour Church (Dubrovnik)


Description of the Onuphrius or Onofrio's Fountain

Onuphrius or Onofrio's Fountain stands on a small square in front of Saint Savior Church. Dubrovnik is situated on a coast of a sea, but it always had issues with fresh water. Instead residents of the city relied on collecting rain water for their needs. Onofrio managed to find sources of fresh water situated 12 km from the city. He constructed adequate water supply via a system of aqueducts and water pipes that brought water to residents in adequate amount.


The fountain was built by the Naples architect Onofrio della Cava in 1438, as part of the Dubrovnik waterworks. The fountain also bears its name. Water flows from 16 stone maskers. It wa constructed in front of the monastery near the Pila Gate. Onofrio's Fountains is round, faceted structure with ornaments. Most of original ornaments were destroyed by an earthquake of 1667. These were not restored by subsequent generations. Water flows through 16 openings around its circumference, while the nozzles are decorated by stone mascarons.