Saint Savior Church (Dubrovnik)

Saint Saviour Church (Dubrovnik)


Description of the Saint Savior Church

The Church of Saint Savior (in Croatian, Crkva sv. Spasa) is a small votive church that belongs to the Catholic Church and is located in the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is dedicated to Jesus Christ. It is part of the monumental complex that makes up the old city of Dubrovnik, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1979. This one nave temple was built in 1520 under supervision of architect of Petar Andrijich. Town Senate ordered its construction due to a fact that Dubrovnik escaped major damage in the earthquake of 1520. Yet earthquake of 1667 didn't pass the city. It destroyed much of the city spearing the church of Saint Savior.


The Church of Saint Savior was built by order of the local Senate in gratitude that the city was not destroyed in the earthquake that struck Dubrovnik at that time. The monumental inscription on the main entrance on the date testifies to this fact. The construction began in 1520 and was in charge of the architect Petar Andrijich de Korchula. The building was completed in 1528.

The Church of Saint Saviorhas a nave with a Gothic ribbed vault. The side windows are also Gothic, with typical pointed arches. However, the main facade has elements of the Renaissance in the portal; while the roof and semicircular apse reveal a Renaissance style.

In 1667, Dubrovnik suffered a strong earthquake. On this occasion, there was a considerable collapse throughout the city. Happily, the Church of Saint Savior endured the disaster, so today can be seen in its original form as an example of the Renaissance architecture of the city