Sponza Palace (Dubrovnik)




Location: Stradun street


Deescription of the Sponza Palace

Location: Stradun street

Sponza Palace or Spontsa Palazzo is one the most prominent architectural monuments of Dubrovnik. Sponza Palace forms part of city facade around Lodge Square. The Palace was built in 1516- 21 under supervision of architect Pascoe Milicevic. The design of the building is Gothic architectural style with elements of the early Renaissance. Earthquake that hit Dubrovnik in 1667 seriously damaged the structure of the palace. Reconstruction lasted for 30 years.

Sponza Palace served as a residence of the prince of the Dubrovnik Republic. Additionally it served as a bank, coin mint, treasury, customs and the "Academy of Learned" or "Learned Academy". It was an elite club of highly educated people and poets who gathered here for scientific and literary discussions. However in 1808 republic was overthrown by French troops under command of Marshal Auguste Marmont.

Today Sponza palace houses Dubrovnik State Archives that contain some of the oldest documents in Croatia. Additionally part of this magnificent building was dedicated as a Memorial Museum in honor of fallen Croatian defenders of Dubrovnik during Yugoslavian Civil War in 1990's. The Square before Sponza Palace holds opening ceremonies fo the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.