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Tower Minčeta (Dubrovnik)

 Tower Minčeta (Dubrovnik)








Description of the Tower Minceta

Tower Minceta is the highest point in the Northern Fortress of Dubrovnik. Original building was built on this location in the 7th century. In 1319 it was reconstructed under supervision of architect Nicephorus Ranzhinoy and renamed Minceta after an aristocratic family that donated money for its construction. After fall of Constantinople and very serious threat from the Ottoman Turks from the East residents of Dubrovnik decided to strengthen its city walls and Tower Minceta in particular. The decision came in 1455, but new construction began in 1461 after a plague wave across the region. One of the most famous European architects designed its circular structure Michelozzo di Bartolomeo from Florence. Tower Minceta has an impressive size and circular in shape, while the base is broad and strong. Its walls measured at six walls with new defenses against cannon fire. Fall of Byzantine Empire in 1453 forced Europeans military engineers to re- think design of all European castles, fortresses and military fortifications in general. It offers a great view of Dubrovnik below.








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