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Castle and Historical Museum of Istria (Pula)

 Castle and Historical Museum of Istria (Pula)




Museum of Istria
Povijesni Muzej Istre
Tel. (052) 211 740
Open: Jun- Sep: 8am- 9pm daily
Oct- May: 9am- 5pm daily




History of Pula Castle

Historical and maritime museum of Istria located on the highest hill in Pula, at an altitude of 32.4 meters, between the sea and the hills of the Arena, Zara and Sv. Mihovil, in an adapted Venetian fort. Since 1961 there are working and exhibition rooms of the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria founded on December 31, 1955 as a Museum of Revolution. Pula Historical Museum of Istria is located within walls of the former Pula Fortress that was constructed in the Middle Ages to defend the city. It acts as a unique entity with four units: the Department of History of the City of Pula, the Department of Medieval History of Istria, the Department of Istrian History of the New Century and the newly established Department of Maritime History and Naval Architecture.


More than 50,000 museum items are processed, processed, documented, stored and sorted into 18 museum divisions (Numismatic Collection, Archbishop's Collection, Film and Video Collection, Photo Collection, Collection of Memorandum Collections, Collection of Medals, Medals, Plaques, Diplomas, Seals and the Coat of Arms, Collection of Weapons and Military Equipment, Collection of posters and promotional material, Maritime Collection and Naval Architecture, Monument Collection, Collection of Subatomic Life, Print Collection, Flag Collection, Collection of Significant Personalities, Cartographic Collection, Audio Collection, postcards) and 10 other, documentary flyers. A rich fundus with over 50,000 museum objects is a particularly important collections of old postcards, maps and weapons collections, dresses and military equipment and marinas.


The old Pula fortress was constructed by the Byzantines in the 14th century. Central tower and triangular bastion is the only part of the old military fortifications that is visible today. In the 17th century the castle was rebuild to fit the changing military tactics and technology. The new design of the Pula castle was outlined by French architect Antoine de Ville. Today Pula Castle houses the Provincial Museum of Istria. Most of artifacts from the collection are dedicated to the sea theme including uniforms of officers and sailors, historic maps, old weapons, marine equipment and many others items. Additionally Historical Museum of Istria contains rooms devoted to old technology of shipbuilding and shipping.








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