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Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Pula)

 Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Pula)




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Description of the Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Church of Our Lady of Mercy is a historic church located in the old town of Pula. It was built in 1389 on the Piazza Dante. This modest and beautiful Medieval church was badly damaged in 1859 by fire. Church of Our Lady of Mercy was quickly restored by donations of philanthropist Pietro Ciscutti.




A small Roman theater in Pula is probably built in the 1st century on the eastern slope of the Pulak Hill at the foot of the old Castrum. It occupied much larger space than the one that is visible today, as archeological research has not yet been completed. It is logically located on the east slope that has good conditions to hold the show. The use of the slope of the viewing hills was not a characteristic of Roman but Greek theaters. The theater space was divided into an architectural scene and a thriving play where actors, orchestras and auditoriums were played by up to 5,000 spectators.

In the Little Roman Theater, the remains of the foundations of the stage building and parts of the semicircular auditorium were partially reconstructed. To the theaters they were leading, and still today, the Twin Gate. Below the theater is the building of the former German gymnasium, where since 1930 the Archeological Museum of Istria has been located, with rich foundations of prehistoric, antique and early medieval archaeological monuments from all over Istria. The Archaeological Museum also has modest remains of relief from the facade of the Theater building.




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