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Small Roman Theater

 Small Roman Theater




Hercuov prolaz





Description of the Roman Theater

Ruins of small Roman Theater are situated just below the Venetian Pula Fortress. It covers a fairly large area and dates back to the first century AD. Roman Theater was abandoned in the 4th century AD and over course of the Middle Ages local residents of Pula quarried it for stone. Pula Fortress was erected with the use of parts of the ancient theater. It is not surprising that most of structure is gone today. Only few original parts of the Roman Theater survive today. This includes the foundation stage, parts of the auditorium as well as theater arch that allowed spectators inside the theater. At its hay day Roman Theater could seat around 5000 spectators.




Like Arena and this theater was too big for building inside the city ramparts. Therefore, at the time of construction, they found themselves outside the city limits in its immediate vicinity. The theater received 4,000 viewers. Today, only blocks that are based on one corner of the building can be seen from it. The theater was first neglected, and then damaged by fire after the thunder strike and its remains in the Middle Ages were used for the construction of other buildings in Istria. A large part of these remains was used in the 17th century by Antoine De Ville for the construction of Pula's Castle. The look of the Great Roman Theater can be seen on the medieval and modern scenes of the city, as well as on the drawings made by Antoine De Ville.




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