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Twin Gate aka Double Gate aka Porta Gemini (Dvojna vrata) (Pula)

 Twin Gate aka Double Gate aka Porta Gemini (Dvojna vrata) (Pula)





Location: Carrarina ulica 5





Description of the Twin Gate or Double Gate

Twin Gate or Double Gate is one of the ten gates that led to the ancient town of Pula. Twin Gate was constructed either in the late 2nd or early 3rd century AD. It is simple in architecture with arches and minimal decorations. Today Twin Gate leads to the inner garden, the castle and the archaeological museum of Pula. During archaeological digs scientists discovered a splendid octagonal mausoleum that dated back to the 2nd or 3rd century.




The Twin Door (Porta Gemina) was built on the remains of the early doors with a decorative function of the entrance to the antique theater. Simple constructions with two portholes with three halves decorated with composite capitals. The relief wreath connects the whole assembly to a harmonic whole. In the upper part of the arch of the arches, the slats for lowering the lattices where the doors are closed are noticed. At the top central area there is a white marble signboard that mentions Lucija Menacija Priska, which has built one of the city's waterworks at a cost of 40,000 sesterages.

The double doors are one of the dozen shutters that made up the constituent parts of the city walls of the city of Pula. In the vicinity of the Twin Door, the remains of the reconstructed octagonal mausoleum from the 2nd and 3rd centuries were found. Through the Twin Door you enter the yard leading to the Archaeological Museum of Istria and the Small Roman Theater, or Kaštela.




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