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Forum Baths of Pompeii

 Forum Baths of Pompeii



Location: Regio VII




Description of Forum Baths of Pompeii

Forum Baths of Pompeii  Forum Baths of Pompeii

Forum Baths of PompeiiForum Baths of Pompeii don't impress with size or scope of its structure. However it is one of the most elegant and well- preserved baths in the city. Many murals, sculptures and interior reliefs retained their freshness, while bright color pigments are still visible on the walls and ceiling of Forum Baths.


Forum Baths of Pompeii were built by the orders of duumvirs (Pompeii city officials) Lucius Caesius with participation of aediles Caius Occius and Lucius Niraemius in the 1st century AD at the crossroads of Via del Foro and Via delle Terme. Line most of the Roman baths, the Forum Baths were divided into male (green on a image below left) and female (light blue section) sections separate from each other. Several narrow rooms (pink section) between these parts were reserved for bath employees. They brought in firewood, water, wine and anything rich visitors asked for. They had their own separate entrance from Via della Terma street so they won't bother clients as they run around.


Forum Baths of Pompeii Map LayoutMale section of Forum Baths had its own dressing room, frigidarium (cold room), tepidarium (hot room) and caldarium with two baths. One of these baths is lined with beautiful white marble that still bears an inscription in Latin that states that this beautiful bath was donated by duumvirs Cn. Melissaeius Aper and M. Staius Rufus for the price of 5,250 sesterces, a huge sum by the standards of the day.


Archeologists didn't find any obvious niches in the wall. Instead they discovered holes from nails that held wooden boxes. Customers could leave their personal possessions and clothes while they relaxed and socialized. Female section of Forum Baths had a small charming garden where women could relax, read or simply breath some fresh air. Forum Baths were located in a down town of the ancient Pompeii, so the land was highly expensive. It prevented construction of large palaestra or open air exercise space.


Plan of Forum Baths in Pompeii. In the green are the male part, blue - female, pink - utility rooms for workers. The relative small size of the Forum Baths gives the right to some historians to assert that these baths were intended not for residents of the city of Pompeii, but for guests. Of course it is a speculation. It is possible that the Terms of the Forum simply could not be increased due to other buildings that surrounded the baths.





Forum Baths of Pompeii  Forum Baths of Pompeii