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Dyatlov Group News

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Dyatlov Group News is a mock newspaper made by the member of the Dyatlov Group. Diary was found in the abandoned tent on the side of the mountain. The original copy was thrown out, but its typed version was preserved as part of the criminal investigation into the Dyatlov Pass Incident case.




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These guys lived at the time when every city, village and even many factories had their own newspapers. These were published by the officials to discuss advantages of living in the USSR, bash religio and superstition, distinguish valuable members of the Soviet society and many other reasons. So it is not suprising that members of the Dyatlov Group wrote their own form of a newspaper. Unlike official newspapers at the time their newspaper was a mocking one. In here they recorded various events, conversations or other notable things that happened to them during their trip. In a sense it was an inside joke. For an outsider these "announcements" were silly and somewhat childish. But for the members of the group they meant something else. It was a way to preserve a memory years later. So these types of newspapers were fairly common among the tourists at the time of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.


Copy of a combat leaflet of a Dyatlov Group tourists
"EVENING Otorten" №1:

February 1, 1959 edition of the trade union body of the "Khibiny"

We will greet XXI (Communist) Congress with an increase in tourists!

PHILOSOPHICAL SEMINAR on Love and tourism takes place daily in the room tent (main building). Lectures are presented by Dr. Thibault and candidate of Love Sciences Dubinina.

Armenian riddle
Can one stove and one blanket warm 9 tourists?

In recent years, the scientific community is a lively debate about the existence of a snow man. According to recent reports, snow man lives in the Northern Urals, near Otorten mountain.

Tourist sled.
Good while riding on the train, by car and on horseback. For cargo transportation on snow is not recommended.
For advice contact the chief constructor comrade Kolevatov.

A team of radio technicians comrade Doroshenko and comrade Kolmogorova set a new world record in the competition for the assembly of the stove in just 1 hour 02 minutes 27.4 seconds.





The part about Bigfoot is particularly interesting. In the 90's some Russian journalist decided to make the story even more sensational, as if it wasn't sensational enough. So he changed few facts here and there and made a claim that Dyatlov Group Diary had a passage "now we know Bigfoot exists" or "now we believe in the existance of a Bigfoot". This claim is fake. If anyone is willing to show us first hand document that supports this claim we will be happy to include it in the article. However no documents in the official criminal investigation supports this idea. On more theories you can read it in a Dyatlov Pass Incident Theory Section.


Another "proof" for Yeti Attack theory is so called photo of Yeti. This picture is real, blurry and very hard to distinguish. Basically just like most of the Bigfoot pictures. These creatures are not very photogenic. Below as the last three pictures taken from a film 3 from the Dyatlov Pass abandoned tent. The very last picture is usually the one that is questioned as a proof of the Yeti attack. But even a brief glance prooves that it is just Nikolai goofing off in the forest.


Dyatlov Pass Incident  Dyatlov Pass Incident  Famous photo of the Yeti Dyatlov Pass Incident


However several eyewitnesses do mention that the Mansi hunters who helped in the search and rescue party did complain about Menkvi attacks on their carinou herds. These big hairy and incredibly smelly animals were quiet frequent in the area at the time of the tragic deaths, but there is no direct link that ties these two events together.






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