Ivanovka, Russia

Ivanovka is a village in the Petrovsky district of the Tambov region. It is part of the rural settlement of Petrovsky Village Council. The village is located 21 km along the roads to the west of the regional center, the village of Petrovskoye, not far from the border with the Lipetsk region.



The village of Maly Samovets, Ivanovka was also first mentioned in the documents of the 1st revision of 1719; in 1767 a wooden Archangel church was built.

In 1862, in the state and proprietor village of Maly Samovets (Ivanovka) of the 2nd camp of the Lipetsk district of the Tambov province, there were 102 courtyards, 494 men and 492 women, an Orthodox church.

As of the beginning of 1883, 974 former state peasants lived in 128 households, as well as 409 landlord peasants in 56 households, 1383 people in total (667 men and 716 women) in the village of Butyrskaya Volost, Lipetsk Uyezd. A plot of 4060.8 dessiatines of comfortable allotment land and 91.2 dessiatines was in common possession with the village of Novositovka, and 310.8 dessiatines of convenient allotment land belonged to Ivanovka, and 0.8 dessiatines were inconvenient. In the village there were 381 horses, 331 cattle, 1552 sheep and 124 pigs. There were 11 industrial establishments and 1 tavern or drinking house. There were 18 literate and 2 students.

According to information from 1888, the village also included the estate of the noblemen K.R. and A.S. A.A. Petrova and the peasant M.N. Trushinsky), leased. They occupied 192.07 acres of land, mostly arable.

According to the 1897 census - 1602 inhabitants (785 men, 817 women), all Orthodox.

In 1901, a temporary stone church was built instead of a burnt-out wooden church, and the construction of the main stone church in honor of the Archangel Michael began.

In 1911, the village had 186 households of Great Russian farmers, 1471 people lived (746 men and 725 women), of which one was a Baptist household (6 souls). There was a parish school. The staff of the church consisted of a priest and a psalmist, she owned 36 acres of field land and 1 tithe of manor land.

In 1921, the parish was closed, and an elementary school was housed in a temporary church building.

In 1926, in the village of Butyrskaya Volost, Lipetsk Uyezd, there were 357 Russian households, 1859 residents (884 men, 975 women).

Before the war, there were 318 households in the village of Novositovsky village council. Since 1934, the school became seven years old. In the 1930s, there was a hospital in the village, and in the postwar years - a library and a shop. Since 1962, the school in the village of Ivanovka becomes an eight-year school (then - the main one).

According to the 1989 map, there were about 140 inhabitants in the village of Ivanovka, there was a pig-breeding farm.

In 2002, the Ivanovo basic school was closed.

In 2013, the Novositovsky village council, together with the village of Ivanovka, became a part of Petrovsky.