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Welcome to Ermak Travel Guide!

Ermak Travel Guide is an informational guide to the World destinations. We believe that it is important to plan your trip. Here we compiled information about different locations, their history and basic knowledge about culture, legends, stories, traditions, superstitions, foods, music and everything that might be interesting and useful. We provide you with more than just facts and logistics. It is our goal to bring you the World in its full color and complexity.

We will accept any contribution to the articles. Feel free to tell us your opinion, share your travel experience and suggest any addition to a site. Please email us at or simply post it on a site. If you plan a vacation and need help with gathering information you can email us as well




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Most Haunted Places in the World










Most Mysterious and Interesting Places on Earth


World War II Sites

World War II is certainly the bloodies and most horrifying war in human history. It raged from 1939 till 1945 and took away tens of millions of lives on several continents. Today only few sites remain spread across the World that witnessed most important events in that war. Here we compiled a list of World War II sites.

Abandoned and Haunted

This is a list of World travel destinations that are allegedly haunted or were abandoned by humans at some point at time. Some buildings and cities were turned into tourist destinations, while others still lay forgotten.




Ancient Sites Destinations

Ancient people managed to created beautiful works of art that still impress modern people centuries after their construction.






UFO Sightings

'The Truth is out There". Or at least many people believe that were are not alone in the Universe. Whether it is extraterrestrials, guests from the future or simply mistake we are going to list various events that are associated with UFO.



Unexplained Deaths

Strange deaths, people who disappeared without a trace, vanished planes and ships. History full of strange examples when people seemed to disappear without a trace or die without rational explanation.


Much of the planet is still unexplored by humans. It is quiet possible that they are dozens of unknown species that are still lurking in various corners of land and sea.




Weird Stuff

Time machine, worm holes, strange worlds and everything that fascinates human race and doesn't quiet fit the accepted view of the World.









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