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Gus-Khrustalny (Гусь-Хрустальный)



Location: Vladimir Oblast  Map


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St. Petersburg
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Hotels, motels and where to sleep

Restaurant, taverns and where to eat

Cultural (and not so cultural) events

Interesting information and useful tips



Description of Gus-Khrustalny

Gus-Khrustalny is a small city in the Vladimir Oblast of Russia. It's name is translated as a Crystal Goose. It was found in the 17th century and was named Gus (Goose). In 1756 rich merchant family of Maltsovi started glass production in the village that quickly grew and eventually was renamed to Gus- Maltsovi and later renamed to Gus- Khrustalny or Crystal Goose  after main business of its residents.



Travel Destinations in Gus- Krustalny

Museum of Maltsevi family (Музей хрусталя им. Мальцевых)

The main tourist attraction is former St. George's Cathedral (Kalinin str., 2a). The building was built in 1904 in the pseudo-Russian style designed by Benoit. After the revolution, the cathedral was rebuilt (in particular, lost the dome), but the layout and exterior decor remained. Inside the building you can see a huge canvas “The Last Judgment” by Vasnetsov. In general, the cathedral is located crystal museum, which collected the products of the plant from the middle of the XVIII century to our time. Among the exhibits are many interesting products made to special orders, as well as works of authorship, which undoubtedly belong to works of art.

Church of Ioakim and Anna (Церковь Иоакима и Анны)

Chapel of Saint Martyr Varvara (Часовня святой великомученицы Варвары)

The city also houses the chapel church of Great Martyr Varvara or Barbara. The chapel was built in 1765 on the site of the image of the Great Martyr Barbara. The church itself was built only in 1885. It is an octahedral structure with side porches, covered with a low tent with a cupola. The church was closed during the Soviet period, in 1991 it was returned to believers, and three years later it was restored and consecrated.


Gus-Crystal Museum of Art and History

Not far from the museum of crystal there is a historical and art museum. It is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00, except Monday and the third Tuesday of every month. Tickets to the museum are; adult - 40 rubles, children - 20 rubles, preferential (students, pensioners) - 20 rubles, preferential “free” - for pensioners with disabilities, participants of the Great Patriotic War and every third Wednesday of a month for persons under 18 years of age. The museum opened on the day of the 255th anniversary of Gus-Khrustalnog, June 18, 2011. The Stone Chronicle of Meshchera and the Goose Museum are open, telling about the history of Meshchersky Krai’s development, about the nature of Meshchera and about Gus, like a bird, like a sacred totem for the ancient inhabitants of Meshchera, as a character of myths and legends about the creation of the World, as the name of the river Gus (Goose), which is part of the ancient trade route (“Silver Way”) from Persia to Rostov and Veliky Novgorod.



City building
City building Gus-Khrustalnogo uninteresting. Not far from the cathedral, the so-called "Maltsov houses" stand out - one- or two-storeyed red-brick buildings built for the workers of a crystal factory at the end of the 19th century.

Also in the city there are several monuments:
Monument to Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin;
Eternal flame;
Monument to Akim Maltsov;
Monument to victims of the liquidation of the Chernobyl disaster
Stele, installed on the site of the house in which the psychiatrist SS Korsakov was born.








How to get here

By train
Commuter trains from Vladimir. When driving from Moscow, you can take an electric train or a long-distance train from Kazansky railway station to the Nechaevskaya station, and from the station, get to the city by taxi or hitchhiking.

By bus
Buses from Vladimir or from the central bus station in Moscow (Metro station blue.png Metro station Shelkovskaya)

Transport around Gus-Khrustalny
There are 9 bus routes in Gus-Khrustalny. The fare in January 2014 was 15 rubles.


Hotels, motels and where to sleep

Hotel "Debern", st. International, 105. ☎ +7 (49241) 23-452. Junior Suite: 1,800 rubles (2009). Non-block type, as well as junior suites with private facilities in the room. Free unguarded parking.
Hotel "Meshchersky Dawns", st. International, 22. ☎ +7 (49241) 20-548, 22-261. Double rooms: 1200–1400 rubles (2009).
Hotel complex "Barinov Grove", st. International, 114. ☎ +7 (49241) 31-911, 93-401, 93-402. Double room: 1200 rub, junior suite: 2100 rub (2008). Rooms with amenities, the hotel has a restaurant.
Tourist Complex Wolves House, Ochotnichya Street 1. ☎ +7 (49241) 23-702, 22-866.
Tourist complex "Crystal", st. International, 107. ☎ +7 (49241) 25-331.


Restaurant, taverns and where to eat

The city produces good Maltsov beer.

Below is a list of bars, cafes and restaurants in the city.
"Volcano" (bar-variety) st. International, 53
"Wolves House" (restaurant and hotel complex) st. Hunting, 1
"AlmaZ" (cinema) st. Kalinin, 22
"Valley" (cafe) st. International, 103
"Maltsov" (restaurant) ul. Kalinina, 30 (ground floor)
"Flashlight" (cafe) st. Old Bolsheviks, 7
"Barinova Grove" (entertainment complex) st. International, 114
"Bar" st. International, 42a
Wasabi (cafe) st. Kalinina, 19 (from the former cafe "Spartak")
"Visit" (cafe) st. Dobrolyubova, 4
"TIME IS" st. Kalinin 28A
"Iriska" (Children's cafe) Teplitsky pr-t, 43
Cafe. Snack Bar. Shot glass. st. International, 22
"Cafe" st. International, 22 (2nd floor of the hotel)
"Cafeteria" st. Kalinina, 19/16
"Cafeteria" st. Kakhovskogo, 5 (Titanic, from the Field-Miracles)
"Cafe at Mikhailovna" st. Mayakovsky, 38
"Cranberry" (cafe) st. Rudnitskaya, 3 (TC "Rainbow" 3rd floor)
Coffee Shop "Cream" st. Kalinina, 21 (opposite the city court)
"Gourmand" (cafe) Ave 50-letie Sovetskoy vlasti, 10
"Master" st. Old Bolsheviks, 11
"Meschersky Zori" (restaurant) ul. International, 22 (1st floor)
Youth (snack bar) Microdistrict, 50
Olga (cafe) st. 2nd People's, 369k
Pizza Bar "Sausage" ул. Kalinin 28A
"Cellar" (cafe - bar) ul. Kakhovskogo 5a
"Expanse" (cafe) st. Kalinin, 9
Retro restaurant "Roman" st. International, 11 (building "GKKD")
Restaurant "Venice" Revolyutsii Street, 2 (TC "Spring", 1st floor.)
"Romance" (cafe) st. Red Army, 23
"Samovar" (cafe) st. 2nd People's, 6a
Dining str. Rudnitskoy, 3 (entrance through the entrance of the Textile Mill)
"Dining room RPS" st. Volgogradskaya, 4
Dining room "Pyaterochka" st. Transport, 36
"Dining room №47" 50-letie Sovetskoy vlasti, 5
"Tavern" (cafe) Teplitsky pr-t, 37
"Refectory" st. Kalinina, 19/16
"At Alekseeva" (cafe) ul. International, 42a
"Manor Meshcherskaya" (hotel and restaurant) st. International, 105
"Delight friends" (cafe-bar) ul. Kalinina, 19
"Crystal Forest" (cafe) st. Mendeleev 25a
Crystal Faces (kids cafe) ul. International, 53
"Edem" (cafe) 50-letie Sovetskoy vlasti, 39

Night life
Entertainment center "Almaz". Includes a cinema, pizzeria, game room, bowling and disco.


Cultural (and not so cultural) events



Interesting information and useful tips


Of course, in Gus-Khrustalny you need to buy crystal, and the sellers are likely to find you right next to the crystal museum. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the most widely used products are usually sold from the hands (approximately the same range is present at the Vekovka station, where all trains go to Kazan and the sellers besiege these trains at any time of day).

Street vendors are extremely annoying, but it is better to reject their offers and go to one of the company stores located in the basement of the cathedral (entrance from the opposite side of the entrance to the museum) or at ul. Kalinina, 28. In stores you can buy pretty products made of crystal at rather low prices, although the assortment is not very large (there are no analogues of museum exhibits here). Prices for ordinary products (glasses, glasses, dishes, etc.) are markedly lower than in other cities. When buying with hands, bargaining is appropriate and even necessary.

Internet cafe is located in the entertainment center (Kalinin str., 22)
The official website of Gus-Khrustalny:

Precautionary measures
Gus-Khrustalny is not safe. Even in the central part you can meet a drunken company. Walking in the dark around the city is not recommended.




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